What We Wore: How To Recreate Your First Day Of School Outfit

I've always associated memories with outfits. I was wearing terrible flared jeans and a Calvin Klein tank top for my very first kiss, a black and white strapless BCBG dress for my senior prom and a white polka-dot ensemble for my college orientation.

Same goes for my first day of school. I might not remember much about what I learned that day, but I can recall precisely what I wore. (Admittedly, this could be because my mother insisted on keeping the outfit in a closet somewhere back home.)

I'm not the only one, either. Whether we dressed up as our favorite Disney princess or were forced to wear hand-me-downs from our older siblings, the women of Elite Daily will never forget what we wore for that fateful day — and how we were totally trendy beyond our years.

Gigi Engle, Staff Writer

I was OBSESSED with being a bride when I was a kid. But not like any bride, a sexy-princess-Jasmine bride. I had this costume -- I have no idea where it came from. I insisted on wearing it on my first day of kindergarten.

Tracey Zane, Branded Content Producer

For my fist day of kindergarten, I wore a black and white checkered skirt with a sunflower zipper and a matching yellow top that was the same color as the zipper. It was...AMAZING.

For 2015: Stick with the checkered skirt in an updated tailored silhouette paired with a sleek sunshine yellow crop. Let your love of sunflowers ring through a pair of simple studs.

Bella Zaydenberg, Staff Writer

Back when I was living in Russia, I had a uniform in first grade. But when I started third grade in America, my mom thought it was important to make sure I looked presentable, which to her meant putting me in a hideous velvet burgundy dress typically reserved for formal parties and a pair of really uncomfortable Mary Janes. Worse yet, it was September, still scorching and I probably sweat right through it.

Instead of opting for velvet, go for a leather (or a leather-look) dress with a deep V-neck because you're a grown-up now. Keep the Mary Janes, just add a heel to them.

Taylor Ortega, Trending News Writer

For my first day of high school I wore a white, long sleeved t-shirt, dark denim thigh-length pleated skirt, opaque white tights, Steve Madden flats and pearls. I went to public school, so there was no one forcing me to dress like Chelsea Clinton. I'm pretty sure my high school boyfriend was on a class trip to Germany at the time and a friend of mine MySpace messaged him to tell him what I was wearing because it was that offensive. It could have been about any of my outfits, though. I pulled this sh*t a lot back then.

Ditch the white tights (forever), but stick to the varsity theme of a lettered sweatshirt and a denim skirt. Just make sure this skirt is a bit more fitted and distressed. A chunky black boot adds a 90s vibe to the look. Keep the pearls from looking too much like a politician's daughter and more Audrey Hepburn by opting for a pair of basic stud earrings.

Ali DiBarba, Social Media Coordinator

Before my first day of middle school I insisted my mom take me to Kids 'R' Us to pick out a new look. I remember walking into school in a khaki corduroy skort with a forest green cotton top thinking I was so cool because of where I bought it from and proceeded to tell everyone about my new swag. What I learned the first day of middle school: Kids 'R' Us is not cool, and "swag" is not an appropriate term to describe anything made from corduroy.

You don't have to be afraid of corduroy, just look for the appropriate silhouette. A high-waisted flared skirt is 70s without being obnoxious, and when paired with a decidedly modern green crop, it looks chic and pretty.