Find Where The Single Guys Are

Considering how popular online dating has become over the past few years, it’s no surprise that multiple different methods of finding singles in your neighborhood are being developed.

If you’ve ever felt like there are no single guys anywhere near you, this new interactive map may have you reconsidering your frustrations. Soma has updated their interactive United States dating map to help you see how many single people are actually living near you, broken down by demographics.

Here are two examples of what the maps look like, based on different age groups:

Now, here are some observations based on the maps above:

-As you can see, nearly every city in America has more single men than single women in their 20s and early 30s.

-Since 2006, the number of single women (all ages) in New York has decreased from over 200,000 to 150,000. Where did you all go, single women? Whatever, more dudes for me!

-New Orleans used to have an abundance of single women, but they've apparently all joined forces with the New York City gals and gotten the heck out of there.

-There start to be more single men than women around the age of late 30s, except in California and the Pacific Northwest, where it's more likely in the 50s. I'll put my move on hold and see how the next ten years go for my love life.

Does this make you feel a little better? Of course, the map doesn’t actually show you details about said singles, such as education, interests, income and other aspects that could affect the chances of actually dating one of these men. It just shows you that no, you are not alone, and definitely not the only one who is single.

Photo Credit: Getty Images