This Is How To Find A Signature Scent For Every Zodiac Sign

by Emily Arata

Finding a signature scent is daunting. In dark corners of any Sephora, you'll find at least a dozen women spritzing themselves with perfume hoping the right one will hit their noses.

Blake Lively might bathe in Gucci every day, but what does that mean for the average woman?

Andrew Goetz, cofounder of New York skincare brand Malin+Goetz, believes finding a perfume to match your personality is all about "being confident in your own process.”

Sweet, floral scents are fine for preteens, but you'll soon find your nose hankering for something with more depth.

“Scent is about memory and it's all very personal, so trust your own instincts,” Goetz says. "Just start seeing where your nose takes you. You might be surprised."

Spoiler alert: The right scent is one that fits your personality. And there's no better indication of that than your zodiac sign.

You consult your horoscope about whether or not to take an umbrella, so why not perfume? It only makes sense.

And, even if you're not a zodiac believer, it's still possible to pick a set of traits and let it guide you.

For Aries, a scent that announces itself is crucial.

Being an Aries is all about embracing the impulsive parts of your personality.

Look for a magnetizing scent, like Malin+Goetz's Dark Rum. The scent mixes heavy notes like amber and patchouli with natural companions including rum and leather.

Try: Dark Rum by Malin+Goetz, Dark Rum, $150 for 3.4 fl oz, Bloomingdales 

Taurus likes something expensive-smelling.

The Taurus loves to feel luxurious, so choosing a pricey scent is extra important.

Tom Ford's latest, Tobacco Vanille, is totally worthwhile. Combining musk, white leather and cocoa bean together creates the fragrance equivalent of a silky 70s fur coat.

Try: Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford, $220 for 1.7 fl oz, Sephora 

Gemini's scent is intelligent.

The Gemini lives for new adventures. It takes a very special scent to please this sign.

In Malin+Goetz's Cannabis Perfume Oil, pepper meets orange and patchouli to evoke the cannabis plant.

You won't get high, but you may become accustomed to a new standard of fragrance.

Try: Cannabis Perfume Oil by Malin+Goetz, $50 for 0.3 fl oz, Amazon 

Cancer uses perfume as inspiration.

Drawing her strength from creative energy and the home, Cancer needs a soft scent.

Commodity's Gold fragrance, inspired by molten money, uses earth tones to draw in others. The resulting smell is innovative and warm, just like the person wearing it.

Try: Gold by Commodity, $105 for 3.4 fl oz, Sephora 

Leo loves to be the center of attention.

When choosing a scent for a Leo, keep your eyes peeled for anything over-the-top.

Marc Jacobs' Decadence, housed in a glass bottle shaped like a purse, is a perfect choice.

Try: Decadence by Marc Jacobs, $53 for 1.7 fl oz, Amazon 

Layered fragrances are perfect for the detail-oriented Virgo.

When it comes to Virgo, "detail-oriented" is a nice way to say "critical."

To find a signature scent, look for something with many different notes, like Elizabeth and James' Nirvana Black. With hints of violet and vanilla, you'll never be bored.

Try: Nirvana Black by Elizabeth and James, $85 for 1.7 fl oz, Sephora 

Libra needs a scent that's balanced.

Buying a scent for a Libra is challenging because they expect nothing less than perfection. Choose a scent that's time-tested, like Victor & Rolf's fan favorite, Flowerbomb.

Rose, orchid and freesia can't fail.

Try: Flowerbomb Fireworks by Victor & Rolf, $120 for 1.7 fl oz, Sephora

Smoky, passionate notes fit a Scorpio.

Ever smelled something so intoxicating you had to turn back for a second whiff?

Black Opium from Yves Saint Laurent is just like that, entwining cedar with patchouli. Scorpio needs a perfume as strong-willed as she is.

Try: Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent, $91 for 1.6 fl oz, Sephora 

Sagittarius needs a playful fragrance.

Balenciaga's Florabotanica won Allure's 2015 Best of Beauty award for its rose, carnation and wild mint notes.

For a Sagittarius who loves to experiment, the perfume's unexpected scent is pure joy.

Try: Florabotanica by Balenciaga, $105 for 1.7 fl oz, Sephora 

Romance draws in a Capricorn.

Capricorn is about classiness and willpower, so lean towards staple fragrances that stand the test of time.

My Burberry contains all the scents found in an English garden, so you're bound to catch a hint of your favorite.

Try: My Burberry by Burberry, $95 for 1.6 fl oz, Sephora

Stubborn Aquarius wants a distinctive perfume.

Aquarius stands alone as the sign that seeks a scent they can puzzle over.

Juliette Has A Gun's one-note Not A Perfume, made exclusively with synthetic ambergris, provides all the trappings of a truly unique perfume.

You won't ever have to worry about wearing the same scent as someone else.

Try: Not A Perfume by Juliette Has A Gun, $100 for 1.7 fl oz, Amazon 

Pisces' scent is positively dreamy.

Embracing fluidity, a Pisces avoids anything overpowering. Dolce & Gabbana's Light Blue is a simple fragrance that'll never overpower your presence.

Try: Light Blue byDolce & Gabbana, $76 for 1.6 fl oz, Macy's