Lifestyle — This Female Pro Athlete And Model Doesn't Conform To Society's Standards

If you're ever feeling lost or in need of some inspiration, look no further than Sierra Quitiquit, who proves no one thing can define your place in the world.

Even from a young age, Quitiquit was never able to conform to the cultural standards imposed on her. She wasn't the type of person who could be neatly labeled as one thing or another.

She was inherently drawn to the ruggedness of mountains — how the adrenaline would course through her veins and heighten her senses as she barreled down a steep descent — but, as an avid practitioner of yoga and a model, she was also intimately connected to her feminine side.

It wasn't always easy for her to juggle the seemingly disparate aspects of her personality. Yet, over time, she learned being a female pro skier, a model and a yoga enthusiast were not mutually exclusive, and, in fact, she was happiest when she successfully struck a balance among the three.

She says,

Sometimes, it feels as though to be a powerful athlete or to be a force to be reckoned with in business... We have to sacrifice our femininity to hold that role or to prove something, that we're badass by... being able to show up and run with the boys. And I think it's that much more powerful to take ownership of your femininity and your own expression and be a badass, too.

As Quitiquit demonstrates so gracefully, even though society might try to put you in a box, what defines you is your ability to break out and move beyond what others expect of you.

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