Weekend Outfits: November 30th

Today, I’m just tired. That type of exhaustion that goes throughout every inch of your body, and your mind can’t seem to focus on anything other than your bed and where your next cup of coffee is coming from.

As a result, I’m unmotivated to anything outrageous this weekend. I’m sure I’ll run an errand or two, do some shopping, see some friends, but really, all I want to do is lay around and essentially, do nothing.

I’ve set aside two comfortable outfits for such feelings. Whenever I’m feeling disinterested in much of anything, I throw on an outfit similar to the one in the left. Yes, this looks put together, but it basically takes next to no effort to throw on a pair of basic skinny jeans, black boots, an oversized chiffon top and oversized sunglasses, to mask that look of indifference.

To the right, I have a more dressed up option. I’m really into mixing textures lately, and a leather skirt/sweater combination is remarkably comfortable. Coupled with a pair of tights, booties and a statement necklace, you have an outfit that looks beautiful, but is just as comfortable as rolling around in sweaters and leggings.

What are you wearing this weekend?

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