Weekend Outfits: August 24

This week I was somewhat lazy. Not lazy enough to leave the house in sweatpants (because that’s just unacceptable) but lazy enough that my outfits were not as elaborate as they should have been. I abused the privilege of throwing on a sundress nearly everyday.

Because of this, I want to dress up this weekend. My weekend will most likely consist of lunches and shopping, but why not dress up for that? The colored jeans trend was one of my favorites this summer, so I’ll most likely add a blouse to a pair of my favorite red skinnies and add a printed loafer to pull it together.

At night, I want to wear something a little more dramatic than I’m usually accustomed to. I fell in love with this bow corset the moment I saw it and would love to pair it with a fitted black skirt and sparkly accessories.

What are you wearing this weekend?

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