How To Wear: A White Coat

When I was younger, and less experienced, I was the foremost authority on ‘What Not To Wear’. Well, at least I thought so. I was always quick to judge someone for wearing navy blue and black, or white in the wintertime.

As I’ve grown older, more adventurous, and more open-minded, I’ve changed my mind. I like taking risks with color (except brown and black… I don’t think I can ever move past that one, sorry), and it just so happens that a good winter white is now one of my favorite hues.

As a result, my winter white pea coat has turned into one of my all time favorite pieces. Frankly, I can’t live without it. A white coat makes me feel luxurious, unique, and it allows me to stand out amongst a mass of black and drab.

If I could, I’d wear my white pea coat everyday, and I’d most likely be seen wearing it with one of these three outfit options:

The first and most obvious is anything all black. There’s nothing more comfortable and appropriate for this time of year than leather leggings and a comfortable black sweater. Add a statement necklace and black pumps and you’re instantly dressed up.

A light grey pantsuit goes excellently with a white pea coat as well. More appropriate for a professional setting, the light grey pantsuit is a great go to for your next formal function.

Finally, don’t be afraid to get a little preppy, and never be fearful of white tights. I know what you must be thinking, white tights we’re only appropriate for Easter Mass when I was 4. Wrong.

If Blair Waldorf can pull off white tights with a navy blue dress why can’t you?

Would you wear a winter white pea coat?

Ally | Elite.