Fashion Inspired By: Downtown Abbey

Growing up I was a history nerd, and I still am. There’s so much we can learn from the past and it’s amazing to watch history repeat itself. Because of this, I love period pieces: movies and television shows inspired by the past transports the viewers back in time and lets them imagine what the past was truly like in a way that history books could never show us.

My love for history and fashion go hand in hand. Not only is it amazing to imagine how different times once were, it’s illustrious to see what the men and women of the past wore and how these styles are coming back. This week I’m going to focus my weekly Fashion Inspired By article on the show Downtown Abbey.

Downtown Abbey is a British period drama that first premiered in 2010. It has since gathered a huge following; everyone can’t get enough of the aristocratic Crawley family during the Edwardian Era of Great Britain. The show itself has recently inspired many different fashion houses such as Burberry and Marc Jacobs.

The Edwardian Era was a great time for fashion. It was during these years that you saw women’s fashion move away from tight corsets and to more loose fitting and flowy clothing, while still maintaining a feminine appeal. I think that women and designers are inspired by this show because it brings us back to a time where people always presented themselves properly. Dressing for dinner was always a must, and that’s something that is still fun for us today.

It’ll be easy to dress like an Edwardian Era woman this fall. Light pinks, chiffon, and lace are some colors and styles that will be commonly seen on the streets of New York City. The ankle strap pump also brings us back to this time, along with oversized coats, high gloves and hats.

How do you feel about the Edwardian Era?

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Photo Credit: Getty Images