10 Fashion 'Rules' You Should Never Feel Bad About Breaking

by Nicole Matos

Millennials are known as the generation of rule-breakers, innovators and risk-takers. So, why shouldn't this apply to the way we dress?

We've been told what we can and cannot wear from older generations for years. But it seems that some of these rules are quite archaic. Nowadays, there is no one way of dressing well, and individual style seems to take precedence over what the fashion industry once deemed to be appropriate.

It's about time Generation-Y turned into Generation-Why-Not, as in “Why not wear what you want, when you want?” Here are 10 outdated fashion commandments you should break:

1. Never mix high-end and low-end labels together.

As Millennials, we are a part of the generation that's turned the high-end, low-end combination into a way of life. This not only redefined “street style,” but also helped revolutionize the fashion world. So, if you want to pair a $5,000 Chanel handbag with a $10 pair of Walmart overalls, go for it.

2. Only short women can wear heels.

Supermodels Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Joan Smalls and Karlie Kloss aren't exactly wearing flats while walking down a runway, and they're all over 5'9.

3. Only men can wear menswear.

What a silly rule for a generation that prides itself on believing in equality for both men and women. In fact, menswear can be just as elegant and sophisticated as any dress; just ask Kourtney Kardashian, who showed up in an androgynous ensemble to her mother's Gatsby-themed party while fellow attendees were drowning in a sea of sequined dresses.

4. Petite women cannot pull off long skirts.

When paired with a fitted top, long skirts can actually elongate the body, making a petite woman appear to be much taller than she actually is. The secret here is good tailoring. After all, a little hem goes a long way.

5. Never wear socks with sandals.

Designers Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen drew attention to this trend back in 2014, after arriving to the airport wearing black Birkenstock-like sandals with knit gray socks. Perhaps the “Full House” stars took a note out of Joey Gladstone's book, opting for the ultimate “I'm a middle-aged uncle” look, and managed to look effortlessly chic while doing it.

6. Lingerie is only for the bedroom.

Why not take lace out of the boudoir? Try pairing a black lingerie top or corset with a pair of skinny jeans and stilettos. Add a black blazer or leather jacket and voilà, now you'll be looking très chic from the bedroom to the streets.

7. Metallics can only be worn after dark.

Turn this nighttime staple into a daytime trend by pairing a metallic piece with a simple black t-shirt and leather jacket. Before you know it, you'll be outshining everyone around you.

8. A wedding dress must be white.

This outdated tradition was originally created to represent a woman's innocence and purity, but who says women can't look classic and powerful in any other color? Whether you choose blush or black, walk down the aisle in whatever makes you feel the most beautiful. Remember, all eyes will be on you, so you might as well make it worthwhile.

9. Never wear peep toe heels with stockings.

Step outside of your comfort zone by pairing patterned stockings with a solid-colored heel. For a more sophisticated look, opt for navy blue or black stockings. Either way, dare to bare those little piggies in peep toe pumps with your stocking of choice.

10. Faux fur is a faux pas.

The rule itself should be a faux pas. Wearing fur dates back to prehistoric times, long before synthetic fibers were even an option, and that's exactly where this trend should have stayed. Nowadays, it's nearly impossible to tell the difference between fake fur and the real thing. So, don't be afraid to go faux and save an animal in the process.