Extortion At Its Finest: Three-Year-Old Breaks Up With Her Dad Over 'My Little Pony' (Video)

Three-year-old Adela just wants a "My Little Pony" (who doesn't?). Like any responsible parent trying to discipline their child, however, Adela's father insists that she doesn't need it -- apparently she's already got fourteen of them at home (kids these days!).

How could you possibly say no to this little cherub's sweet face? After her dad refuses to buy the toy and makes it clear that she'll be leaving the store empty handed, Adela did what any strong woman of her stature would do: she broke up with him.

If I don't get any ponies or any horses, I won't be able to love you anymore," said Adela.

You said it, sister! Here's to standing up for what we believe in (be it ponies or whatnot), sticking it to the man, and showing who's boss.

After all those times her father has changed her diaper and pushed her stroller, it all comes down to a pony. If only love were that simple in the real-world...

H/T The Daily Dot