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#Deskercise: Get Fit At Work Without Anyone Noticing WTF You're Doing

In my wildest dreams, I'd be a WAG (W.A.G. = wife or girlfriend of an athlete) who attends regular boxing classes while snapping fierce gym selfies sponsored by detox teas.

But let's face it, my sweaty gym hair and runny mascara could never compete with Olivia Pierson's flawless selfies. Plus, I'm too busy slaving away at work to fit in anything but a bag of salt and vinegar Lays for lunch.

Two of life's most necessary evils are spending long amounts of time with coworkers and working out. Why not combine them? Squeeze in an extra squat jump (or three).

We know you wouldn't want to be caught doing desk dips in front of your entire office. You can use your workspace as a place to get work done, literally all over.

Skip the elevator. Take the stairs.

When was the last time you stepped it up? Avoid your coworkers and heart disease!

Use the yoga ball chair no one ever uses.

Every health-nut has a balance ball collecting dust.

Wipe down the forgotten prop and become an active sitter. After all the "WTF are you doing?" jokes about your latest balancing act subside, work in some ab exercises by tightening your core periodically throughout the day.

Get up and visit your work SO.

Fact: You probably spend more face time with your coworkers than your dog.

Use some good ole' fashioned camaraderie as an excuse to flex your leg muscles.

Standing while gossiping exerts more energy than simply utilizing your Twitter fingers.

Brace yourself for bathroom squats.

Don't fear the overpowering smell of post-lunch and Glade.

Toilet time can be the perfect way to squeeze in a quick squat session. I know, it sounds gross, but by balancing your bum without letting it touch the seat will engage the glute muscles.

Stretch so you don't fall asleep.

Afternoon slumps come back-to-back more than Jewish holidays. Refrain from reaching for the community cookies to keep your brain focused.

Take a deep breath and reach across your body to grab the back of your (yoga!) chair. Then, twist and elongate your spine to give you a shot of energy more potent than any Pumpkin Spice Latte.

Seriously, just stand up.

Long gone are the days of being chained to your desk.

Prop your Mac on an elevated surface to bang out an assignment from a comfortable position. If your boss asks what you're up to, tell him or her you're simply marking "exercise" off your extensive to-do list.