The 'Evolution Of Masturbation' Reminds Us Just How Far We’ve Come (Video)

We all jerk off.

Chances are good that in the last 24 hours you've indulged in a one-way ticket downtown and haven’t looked back. Bonus points if you’re playing with yourself as you read this.

In order to remind yourself to always give the gift that keeps on giving (if you’re capable of multiple orgasms, anyway), sex toy brand Hot Octopuss created the #FlashbackFriday video you didn’t know you needed.

From beloved tissues to potentially unsafe vacuums, we’ve certainly come a long way. Now, Hot Octopuss has decided to throw one more into the mix by unveiling the Pulse II Solo, AKA an upgrade on the “guy-brator.”

Hey, Hot Octopuss! If you’re looking for someone to come up with names for sex toys, I’m your gal.