20 Everyday, First World Stresses Of 20-Something Female Life

by Elite Daily Staff

While we love being 20-something ladies (Hello, still being socially acceptable to eat off paper plates!), our life is not without a good deal of stress. It takes a lot of mental anguish to be this not put together successful.

There are relationships, work, alcohol, work, alcohol and personal upkeep, all clouding our thoughts and driving us a little cray cray (okay, maybe not the alcohol part...).

But these same stresses are also what makes being a female in your 20s that much more thrilling. Who would we be if we weren't creating some kind of drama in our lives? No? Just me?

You hate to stress, but you love this life. You classic 20-something, you.

Here are the 20 everyday stresses of 20-something female lady life.

1. To blow out or to work out...

You’ll feel guilty if you skip a perfectly good gym day, but on the other hand, you’ll feel guilty if you ruin a perfectly good hair day. What’s a girl to do?

For one, stop stressing -- either way you’ll end up looking awesome. And see, that right there is what we call a positive attitude.

2. Choosing what to eat for dinner

Can I even afford dinner? is a better question. Why must pizza be so damn cheap and so damn hard to resist at the same time? “It’s okay, I’ll get the kind with salad on top.”

That’s right, keep telling yourself that as you stuff a double slice into your mouth and hate yourself for it later.

3. Responding to a flirty text message

Having to be witty and clever and sexy and all under the text-message-turnaround-time-constraint?! We just can’t take the pressure. This is what your group chat is for.

Just don’t send him the screenshot.

4. Out-of-control hair

Between humidity, frizz and uncontrollable sweating (especially during this time of year), our hair woes are very much real. Can someone explain why buns look better on men than they do on women?

5. Periods.

When you don’t have it, you’re stressing about skipping it and when you do have it, you’re stressing about remembering to change your tampon.

That one week of mental sanity post-period is pretty much as good as it’s gonna get.

6. Sexytime

Sex is like, the one time we should be able to be completely carefree. And yet, we’re concerned about condoms (anyone else allergic to latex?), how we look naked and if he’s going to call afterwards.

How about being proud of yourself for actually finding someone who wants to bone you and worrying about the rest later…

7. Whether this dress will go on sale because paying full price is a no-go

If you can’t afford it, chances are there are other people like you who can’t either. May the odds be ever in your favor. And in the meantime, there’s always online shopping porn (AKA looking but no touching).

8. Far too many after-work activities

Gym → happy hour → dinner date → late night lounge. Whoa, hold up. Who is in charge of your schedule? Lindsay Lohan?

9. Being alone... forever

You’re not alone if you have your own thoughts to keep you company. Learn to love yourself first and then others will do the same.

10. There isn’t enough time to get everything done

There never is. Enjoy the challenge and remember that life is not a race.

11. Friends getting married

Weddings -- even if you’re not in them -- are very costly. Not to mention there’s that underlying peer pressure for you to settle down. Next time you need to vent, call me.

I’ll tell you 2,837 reasons you shouldn’t get married. And then I’ll turn it into another Elite Daily article.

12. Work

Oh, you’re stressing about work? How original. You got this, girl.

13. Grooming

Chipped nails, waxes, shaving legs, tweezing eyebrows, makeup meltdowns, pedicured toes, soft skin, pimples -- at any given moment there’s one or all the above happening.

Just thinking about all that upkeep is exhausting!

14. Overanalyzing

Half of our stress is due to the incessant fixations in our head that aren’t nearly as big of a deal as we are making them. Will someone please tell me why I’m still worrying about a sweaty stop’n’chat with a former friend from literally three days ago? O

r why I care that I over-tipped the bartender? Or if my sister is still mad from when I stole her purse last week…

15. Wondering if everyone just saw some booty

It’s skirts season people. That means free flashing and voyeurism for everyone. I, for one, am not complaining. For every butt flashed, there is a man without his shirt on running on the sidewalk.

Just remember this fact, and you’ll feel like you’re doing something good for humanity.

16. Just wanting to sit on the couch and watch "Orange Is The New Black"

If you’re going to take this time to unwind and indulge in laziness (which is fewer calories than chocolate, just saying), then don’t waste it by stressing about it.

Allow yourself to enjoy your relaxation time and don’t think twice about it. Would you rather take some downtime or be cranky and edgy all day?

17. Errands

Consider them your free “Get-out-of-the-gym” card. More errands = less time for treadmilling.

18. Social media

If social media is stressing you out that probably means you need to re-evaluate your priorities. We know, we know, choosing the best Instagram filter is tough, but we promise you’ll get through it.

(When in doubt, lo-fi is universally flattering, just check out my artificial skinny arms.)

19. Social life

It’s just, like, soooo hard being this popular.

20. Health

There’s way too many body parts to keep track of. Drinking always helps take care of that.

Photo Courtesy: We Heart It