The 7 Co-Authors Every Woman Has By Her Side When Texting A Crush

by The Ambrose Girls

Women will deny it until they die, but when they like a guy, they often rely on their besties to help them craft the perfect responses.

As scary as this concept might be for some guys to grasp, every woman has her co-authors and coinciding group chat.

They're not necessarily present for every single text, but there are definitely times when a woman needs some outside opinions.

Sh*t gets confusing as f*ck over text, and we obviously need all the help we can get.

With just one text, the women in said group place real life on hold, and focus all of their attention on the conversation with the guy in question.

A group chat such as this usually turns into a labyrinth of mixed opinions.

The whole conversation probably takes place in about 256 texts, just to generate one response message.

We love our women's opinions, but they're just so different.

How does one decide what to text back, when every woman is offering a completely different opinion?

There are several types of women who inhabit our favorite group chats.

Here are just a few of the different co-authors:

1. The Lady Of The Night

We love this woman.

She's ready to pounce on any dude, and she always suggests the sassiest responses.

If a guy asks, “When are you free this week?” she would suggest, “I can be free for you whenever. I stay up late usually, too. ;)”

Sure, it’s funny as hell, but you would never say that.

Her opinion is always taken with a grain of salt.

2. The Novelist

She’s just too much too soon.

She suggests novels as answers to simple questions.

A guy doesn’t need to know the names, ages, professions and former schools of all your siblings when he asks if you have any brothers or sisters.

Responses such as these are simply not necessary this early in the texting game, when you should be trying to play it cool.

3. The Shortie

She hates anything lengthy, and she's borderline cold.

You have no idea how guys haven't given up on her yet, especially since she has such a lack of textual enthusiasm.

Hell, you’re one of her besties, and half the time, even you think she's pissed when she texts, “k.”

4. The Chance-Giver

You bless her for having such a big heart, but she gives guys way too many chances.

When a friend's guy shoots an apology text, she's the only one who supports the cause.

Maybe he really is sorry, but it's extremely doubtful.

5. The Planner

She's ready to get down to details and start planning this relationship and wedding.

She'll suggest asking him to your company holiday party six months in advance.

While she's definitely hopeful for an early romance having a lengthy future, she has the potential to send a guy running for the hills.

6. The Player

It’s all about the games with this babe.

She'll tell you to respond to a text two days after its received and to tag a photo with a guy, just to see if another gets jealous.

You hate playing games, but sometimes, it’s necessary.

7. The One Who Just Doesn't Respond

She’s a firm believer in not responding. She probably didn’t even respond to the group chat, which she believes is response enough.

Her mantra is, "If a guy likes you, he'll continue to text you after you leave a few unanswered."

As you can see, co-authors come in many different shades, and without them, we wouldn't have the confidence to begin this dating game.

These women give us a cushion to fall on in case things don’t work out, and they're the first to congratulate us on a promising new romance.

Co-authors do their best work behind the scenes, but they're changing the world of flirting for the women they love.