Every Woman Deserves A Man Who Will Ruin Her Lipstick And Not Her Mascara

Life is so intricately complicated that it is impossible for any single human being to have a grasp of it all. No matter how much you know, the fact is that – in the grand scheme of things – you know very little.

You know so little that it basically boils down to nothing at all. The more I experience life, the more I travel, the more I see, the more I understand how little I actually understand.

Consider the 7 billion or so people who currently inhabit this planet, all of them living their own lives, seeing the world through their own eyes, through their own perspectives. In your entire life, you won’t meet 1 percent of these people. You won’t even pass them by in the streets.

Each of these individuals carries a set of experiences, a set of information that you will never have access to. And this is only people. Think about the knowledge that all the animals in the world have. Think of all the knowledge and information all the insects and other living things have.

All of these have a level of consciousness, and with that level of consciousness, they attain sets of information that you will never be privy to. This may not fascinate you, but it surely does fascinate me.

It fascinates me because it opens my eyes to how little we truly understand. Once you accept that you understand nothing on the largest of scales, you can begin to admit how little you understand on the smallest of scales.

Take interpersonal relationships for example. We interact on a daily basis with people. We make assumptions as to what they think and what they mean with what they say.

We rarely know their intentions, but we draw conclusions the best we can. Why? Because, as human beings, we have a need to understand as much as we can – even if that understanding doesn’t literally represent reality.

A person is an incredibly complex system. He or she makes up a larger complex system while simultaneously being made up of a multitude of smaller complex systems.

We may deem an understanding of the workings of all these systems useless to us, but in fact they are a part of reality – a part of life, of truth – that we will never fully comprehend or experience. It’s amazing really… We aren’t even capable of understanding ourselves.

Human beings aren’t smart enough. Although some may be capable of understanding how each of these systems works alone, no one is – as of this moment – capable of seeing how each piece fits into the next.

Most of us have a difficult time of keeping track of our to-do list, not to mention understanding how it is that the molecules that make us up affect the stars above our heads. It is just as much a gift as it is a curse.

We sometimes already find life to be too complicated for us to handle, if only emotionally. Imagine the headaches and heartaches we would experience were we to understand the meaning of it all.

Because we aren’t capable of understanding and functioning within such complex systems, we have to learn to accept the fact and use this knowledge to our advantage. Let’s talk a bit about our favorite of emotions: love.

Putting aside what love actually is, whether it’s sets of neurons firing off and hitting our cranial G-spot or an ethereal fluid invisible to our eyes, what use is love? What purpose does it serve? And, most importantly, how do we love properly?

Complexity aside, I believe that love is very simple – not because it is simple objectively, but because we can only understand such concepts from the simplest of perspectives. Love fails so often because we try to understand its complexity.

We try to pick it apart and dissect it. We try to be greater than the humans that we are. We do our best to understand love and, obviously, we fail. We fail because we can’t see the connections that already exist.

Worse even, we try to do this while we are in the throws of love, striking emotions within us that only further frustrate us and ruin the thing we are trying so desperately to comprehend, to own.

You will never fully understand love just as you will never fully understand why you feel the way you feel any second of any day. You can, however, understand love through means more simple – means that are, truth be told, incomplete.

Yet, since we already are destined never to understand anything fully, you may as well accept love as part of that list and move on. To love can be simple if you allow it to be simple. All it really requires is two things: passion and trust.

Every woman in the world deserves a man who will ruin her lipstick, but not her mascara.

It’s truly as simple as that. If you want to love a woman – the easiest of creatures to love – then allow the passion to consume you both and never allow yourself to break her trust. Never treat her poorly. Never hurt her or disrespect her. Allow the trust that exists between the two of you to be the bed you make love on.

This may seem as an oversimplification, but that’s because it is. However, since we cannot understand the complexity of it, such oversimplifications aren’t only warranted, but encouraged.

I don’t think that there is a mentally stable woman in the world that wants more from her man than passion and trust. Putting aside all the material objects that nearly every human being hungers for at one point or another in life, passion and honesty is all that we need from the person we love.

In fact, they’re the only two things in the world that you can’t get on your own. You see, your lover isn’t supposed to give you the whole world; your lover is supposed to fill in the gaps where something is missing.

Material things you can get on your own. Passion and trust, love, is something you can never attain while living solo.

Not every woman may appreciate the love you give her, but not every woman is ready to be loved either.

If you understand that this is all that a woman, and a man for that matter, wants, then you will eventually find a person to love – a person who will love you back. Whatever else love is and consists of surely does affect the relationship, but they’re only minor details.

Human beings are general thinkers. Stick to what you’re capable of understanding and you’ll succeed.

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