Eurostar Creates Tablet Specifically For Women

Was I under the wrong impression when I thought that all electronics were targeted for both genders? Apparently, Middle East based Eurostar Group seems to think so.

There’s a new tablet on their market, and it’s targeted specifically towards women. It’s called the ePad Femme (lol, okay) and according to a statement made by their Associate Vice President for Marketing “It makes a perfect gadget for a woman who might find difficulties in terms of downloading these applications and it is a quick reference.”

Oh okay, so this is for women who are incapable of functioning, apparently. The eight-inch, Wi-Fi accessible tablet comes complete with a pink background and pre-loaded yoga, grocery shopping, weight loss and cooking apps.

Although this company hit the nail on the head of the women stereotype (don’t act like you don’t have all of those apps of your iPad or iPhone already), I’m pretty sure the majority of women would rather stick to their Apple based products, thanks.

Ally | Elite.

Photo Credit: Getty Images