How An Established Partner Can Be A Lover, Friend And Role Model

by Becky Wells
Pretty Woman/Buena Vista Pictures

I’ve always been a bit of a career bitch; I never went to university and am determined to be the rich, successful, international businesswoman I know I can be.

I want my own big-city corner office, a wardrobe full of high heels in which to strut around the office and infinite lists of designers to send me free work clothes and designer handbags to take to the biggest city events.

I want to be famous within my industry for being bloody good at what I do — whatever that ends up being.

Somehow, this hasn’t translated very well into my generation.

I meet some great career women, who have huge goals and ambitions to rule the world, but I also meet too many women who don’t seem to care what they do.

So many women are happy enough to stick in their day jobs and wait for Prince Charming to come along and do all their hard work for them.

But, what if your Prince Charming, instead of doing the work for you, helped you do the work in the first place?

I’m lucky enough to have met a wonderful man who has a wonderful life to be my other half. He owns his own business, along with an Aston Martin.

After moving across the country to start his career at just 20 years old, he is one of the best in the country at what he does.

He travels to work for some of the biggest media companies in the world. He is far and beyond my biggest inspiration for everything I do.

Watching him be the ultimate businessman, excelling at what he does and achieving goals I’d only dream of, makes him the best role model.

Plus, he genuinely knows what he’s talking about, so he’s the perfect guide for real-world life. He’s my very own Google, answering the big business questions of the world.

He encouraged me to get a new job, and led me to accept an offer for a more challenging, more rewarding, role.

He proofread my CV and cheered me on through interview techniques, all while giving critical but helpful edits for my LinkedIn profile.

While I’m keener than anyone to promote women in the office and break down the barrier between men and women at work, it sure does help to have a strong, influential companion to help with the advice, especially one who’s already been there and has the fancy, pinstriped work shirt to show for it.

I refuse to accept business help from him, aside from some kind words of encouragement.

I’m determined to make it in the world without him setting me up with a business pal, without him selling me through his own business, and without him “speaking to some people” to try and get me a role I haven’t earned.

I’m going at this by myself. I want to be the Oprah to his Stedman, the Victoria to his David, the Beyoncé to his Jay Z.

I want us to be the power couple of the world, ruling London business events and traveling in our Business Class private jet to attend our own international work meetings.

He inspires me to work harder than ever before to live the dream life he totes in front of me.

As well as the help and advice he’s able to offer, he’s a great companion to have to within the world of work.

He's someone to come with me to work events, someone who’s confident enough in himself to hold conversations with important team members, and knows how to help promote me and let me be the leader of the day.

He knows I know my industry and he knows his; we can both be super successful in our own lives while enjoying the rewards of each other’s days.

I’m not saying you have to have date a millionaire to get by in life, and I’m not saying your other half needs to be successful and have a fancy job to be worthwhile.

But, it makes it so much more exciting when you can share your successes, encourage each other’s days and revel in ruling the world, knowing he’ll be there to reign alongside you.