Enough Is Enough: It's Time To Put An End To Child Marriage (Video)

Every so often, the media chooses one of the millions of child brides and decides to share her story. For a week, we'll hear about this tragic tale and the larger repercussions of childhood marriages worldwide. And then we'll forget about this distant girl and her underage sisters, until the next time the media selects a new girl, with a new husband and a new sad story to tell.

But what if we worked to end these sad stories altogether? What if there weren't millions of tragic headlines to choose from? What if we became aware of the grave child bride situation, and instead of walking away, walked right into the middle of it?

We need to start a dialogue about the atrocity to facilitate a greater understanding of the detrimental socioeconomic impact it has on countries where underage marriage is most prevalent. Here's a video to help you get started.

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