End it Now: The 10 Signs He's Definitely Not Hubby Material

There comes a time in a woman’s life when she is saved by her “knight in shining armor.” Or she just settles for any guy who isn’t a complete douchebag and is mildly attractive. Girls, stop settling. If you are going to sacrifice your freedom to get “wifed up,” he better be well worth it.

In End it Now: The 10 Signs She’s Definitely Not Wifey Material, men listed the 10 faults in a woman’s character that call for a break-up. The list is fair and accurate (except for the part that advises men not to settle down with a woman who is over 19 years of age, which encourages pedophilic behavior.) While many women out there ain’t no wifey, the same goes for men. Here are some traits of a man that are just not acceptable in a significant other:

He doesn’t make time for you

You don’t want to spend every second together in a relationship. Everyone needs their time apart to breathe and to chill with friends. However, if this consumes most of his time, it just indicates that you aren’t high on his priority list. A healthy relationship takes a lot of effort and commitment, and if he can’t even make time for you, then there is no point in keeping him around.

He tries to control you

Many men think that they were put on this earth to assume control over women. While it is a common masculine trait to try and control someone, that is not an excuse. If he respects you enough, he will accept you for who you are: a human being with free will. Not only that, but he will love you for who you are and accept your imperfections. If he’s always telling you whom to hangout with, how to act, or how to dress, it’s time to end it. You should never compromise yourself for someone else unless the compromise is mutual.

He’s mean to his mom

While you don’t want to date a helpless mama’s boy, you also don’t want to date someone who is rude to his mother. The way a man treats his mother symbolizes how he will treat you. I have learned that through experience and have seen the evidence time and time again. If he doesn’t respect his mother, he doesn’t respect women. End of story.

If he cheated on his last girl to date you

I’m not sure if I believe in the phrase “once a cheater, always a cheater,” but I do believe that if you cheat and get away with it, you have an incentive to do it again. If a guy cheated on his last girl with you, it shows that he doesn’t have much of a guilty conscience. This means that he may cheat you in more ways than one.

He doesn’t return the favor

Too many guys are all about themselves when it comes to sex. While they may get away with it for a one-night stand, they shouldn’t get away with it with their girlfriend. Sex is arguably the most important component of a relationship. If you aren’t enjoying the sex in your relationship, you are missing out and will never be 100 percent happy. We all have sexual needs and if you are going to spend the rest of your life with this guy, he should want to fulfill them.

He’s overly jealous

Too much jealousy in a relationship is poisonous. A little bit of jealousy from time to time is cute; it reminds you that he doesn’t want to lose you. However, it is a red alert if he is constantly questioning you and checking your phone. When someone is overly jealous, it either means that they are insecure or that they don’t trust you. Either way, they are not ready to be in a serious relationship.

He’s cheap

Although our generation is challenging the concept of making the guy pay, you don’t want to date someone who’s cheap. Spending money is sacrifice. If your guy isn’t willing to sacrifice at all to show you that he cares, then it’s time to end it. I don’t mean showering you with expensive gifts all the time; that’s not necessary. It’s more of the little things, like taking you out for ice cream or spending money on something that is meaningful to you.

He’s afraid of bugs

If he can’t even kill a bug in your apartment, then he’s got to go. Women aren’t helpless, but it’s good to have someone who will protect you when you need it. It is in our nature to want to feel protected. This can mean anything from unclogging the drain to protecting you from serious danger. Either way, if your man won’t step up to the plate for you, he is not the one.

He’s lazy

If your man is lazy and unambitious, one of two things will happen: either he will take you down with him or you will wind up being his mother. You don’t want either of those. A healthy relationship consists of two motivated people who encourage each other to be the best version of themselves.

Poor hygiene

This one is simple: you don’t want to date someone who smells like sh*t. Cleanliness is an important component to happiness. It’s also an indicator of character. If your guy doesn’t shower enough and leaves rotting food all over the place, he probably needs to get himself together in more ways than one. Your life is already stressful enough, don’t add unnecessary clutter.

Bonus: His name is Eddie Cuffin (@Eddie_Cuffin)

The most obvious one of them all: NEVER date a man like Eddie Cuffin. If you’re above the age of 19 1/2, he won’t date you anyway because he considers you expired. This means that he is probably a pedophile, which is easily the worst quality you will find in a significant other. He is an arrogant misogynist. He may shower you in gifts, but only because he was raised to believe that women are helpless and men must provide for them. Let’s get this straight right now: he does not respect you. You are a nothing more than a sexual object in his eyes. Run for the hills.

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