Emma Stone Is Totally Unrecognizeable On Her New Vogue Cover


There's a very simple reason we can't get enough of Emma Stone: She's one of us.

Whether singing in the shower during “Easy A” or gawking at Ryan Gosling's dreamy ab muscles in “Crazy, Stupid, Love,” Stone gives off the geeky, anxious vibes most people live and breathe every day of their lives.

You just know she wakes up with bad breath and occasionally trips, and that understanding is refreshing in a Hollywood so Photoshopped it might as well be full of plastic Barbie dolls.

On the just-released cover of Vogue's November issue, Stone embraces her inner gawky teenager in an entirely new way.

Her close-cropped red hair, ungroomed brows and freckles are quite the beauty leap from hair and lash extensions.

Pop culture fanatics are already comparing Stone's surprising new look to the pixie cut famously worn by actress Mia Farrow.

Personally, I'm more inclined to see the funny lady as a long-lost Weasley sibling.

Maybe that's just a generation gap, but I always prefer to believe J.K. Rowling is secretly at the root of every news story — makes the world a little more magical.

In the accompanying issue, Stone poses in a variety of Old Hollywood scenarios and elaborate wigs. She's promoting “La La Land,” an old-school musical filmed with Ryan Gosling. Spoiler alert: There will be tap dancing.

This photoshoot is incredible. It's ART. Emma Stone for Vogue November.(USA) — Greta(@frecklesemms) October 14, 2016

Stone told Vogue she and Gosling, who've previously made two films together, are basically besties at this point.

She said,

It was nice to be friends with the person you're doing all this crazy stuff with — learning to ballroom dance or sing duets live… The chemistry was already there.

This is the Ryan Gosling we're talking about. You'd have to be some sort of deep sea creature living in the Mariana Trench to totally avoid feeling attracted to him.

It's worth noting that, although Stone made her name with strawberry hair, she's actually a natural blonde who's been hitting the salon religiously since she made it big.

Stone's hair is the perfect homage to old Hollywood, which has a long history of women famous for hair colors they didn't actually have. Lucille Ball might have made her mark as a ginger, but she was a natural brunette. So, too, was Marilyn Monroe.

If you're thinking of tuning in for Gosling and Stone's on-screen romance, "La La Land" officially premieres December 9. Count me in, red hair or no.