Elite Careers: LaBelle Day Spas & Salons

LaBelle Day Spas & Salons is a leading day spa with three award-winning locations in the San Francisco Bay Area, making it the region’s number one source for beauty and wellness.

At the heart of the unparalleled LaBelle experience is CEO and Founder Bella Schneider. Founded in 1976, LaBelle has the distinction of remaining a family-owned, family-operated business with a strong focus on excellence, advancement and consistency of experience.

LaBelle offers outstanding facilities, consistently high-quality services, an environmentally “green” location and the convenience of a single destination that satisfies all beauty and wellness needs, be they maintenance or glamour-oriented.

With an evolving menu featuring everything from clinical skincare, endermologie and massage to herbal peels, salon beauty and revolving bimonthly mani/pedis of incomparable quality, LaBelle is a full-service spa designed to meet the ever-changing needs of both male and female clientele.

Company- LaBelle Day Spas & Salons


Personal grooming, beauty and spa services, and retail

Bella Schneider Beauty- BSB

Wholesaler and retailer of education, equipment, skin and body care products to the esthetics industry


Founder, CEO and paramedical esthetician

Number of years

Since 1976


Ageless :)


UC Berkeley - Majored in economics and political science

What does your day /week/ month usually consists of? 

I wake up at 6:45 am to catch up and work internationally via email with laboratories and long distance conference calls at my home office. Between 8 and 9am I get in one hour of aerobic exercise and weights plus an additional 15 minutes of stretching or I go to the spa for personal Pilates. At 10am I head to the main office in Palo Alto where I work with my wholesale division on packaging and products while answering questions for aestheticians needing assistance. Around 11 I head out to the designated spa of the day (each day I go to a different one of my spas) where I meet with the spa manager and head aestheticians and work with personal clients as well. Overall it is about a 10 hr day. Friday nights are reserved for my grandson Raphael and whenever possible, our daughter Tiffany.

How did you become interested in this industry?

Thorough college and university I worked in makeup and esthetics in high end department stores to support myself because I always loved beauty and fashion. When I graduated I became more and more interested in the science of skin care through effective ingredients and with the business background I acquired from studying economics, I applied my passion for formulating transformative skin treatments with my understanding of international economics. I realized that American women had very little access and knowledge of the type of skincare that European women grow up with and with my previous training in European skin care, I helped a large number of women improve their skin and skincare routines. It was then that I realized I should open my own salon following the European traditions.

What was the best business / career advice you received?

I am a very independent and strong- minded woman and therefore I realized early on that I am best off growing on my own without any partners. I always knew I needed to keep investing in my own business and in myself to make it a success.

What do you suggest to 20 - somethings aspiring to get involved in your field?

This field is always open to great ideas, however personal grooming is very saturated and competitive.  The marketplace has changed so much since I started and it is now about networking and the internet as opposed to location. In fact, I believe that the Internet is now the best, least expensive way to get your ideas out into the market. However, no matter what the circumstance, it is important to learn your target audience, learn your market, surround yourself with good people, do your homework, and get your idea pre-sold before investing in it.

What is the most important thing to know about your job?

Though the spa and cosmetics industries are alluring career choices for men and women, it is actually really hard work. One has to be very passionate, committed and informed. It’s not about receiving massages, it is about giving them!

Any perks on the job?

There are lots of perks! There is amazing access to all your beauty & personal grooming needs and you are constantly gaining more knowledge about how to look and feel amazing. I also love the people that work in this field. They are creative, passionate and fun all while being hard working and committed.

Any last things that you would like to say? 

We are always looking for talented employees with great personalities. We not only look for potential, but we also care about character. We have an amazing team, a family of individuals that work together. We like to ensure that every new person that comes on board truly loves their work and is always seeking to self-improve.

Hilary Sheinbaum | Elite.