3 Easy Last-Minute Holiday Hairstyles For Girls With Natural Hair

Deciding on a holiday hairdo takes proper planning, especially for girls with natural hair.

My hair does whatever the f*ck it wants. It's not like downing a couple glasses of wine at dinner. It takes work.

Since the chilly air and hair straighteners have stripped my strands of moisture, I enlisted the help of DevaCurl, the trusted authority on maintaining a curly girl's 'do.

We tapped DevaCurl stylist Ellie Lebron for the best tips on crafting a holiday-ready coif by mainly using tons of trusty bobby pins.

Before starting, though, you need defined curls. Scrunch your curls for added definition or use flexi rods to shape structured ringlets.

The royal crown: An Adele-approved look for when you host #Friendsgiving.

Celine Rahman

Though this cute beehive is simple, it will still scream "look at me" when you're making a pre-dinner toast.

You'll need: Wide tooth comb Statement headband Bobby pins Shine spray.

1. Start by parting your hair diagonally using a wide tooth comb.

2. Place the statement headband atop the part, making sure the central design is slightly off center.

3. Then, take the front left section and flat twist your hair to cover the left side of the band, hiding the metal.

4. Repeat on the right side.

5. Gather the remaining hair in the back and middle to create a loose, Snookie-style beehive.

6. Finish with DevaCurl Shine Spray for added sheen.

The merry mohawk: A fun and sexy style for your office holiday party.

Celine Rahman

Whether you know all your coworkers' names or not, holiday party season is the most wonderful time of the year at your office.

The top shelf open bar your office manager ordered will surely make for a wild night. As a result, your hair must match the employee-filled room.

You'll need: Style cream Bedazzled bobby pins.

1. Style your hair into a defined bushel of curls, and then smooth the right section of your hair up to the midsection of your head and pin.

2. After you're sure your hair is in place for that second spin of Drake's "Worst Behavior," use bedazzled bobby pins to add decorative flare.

3. If you need extra oomph halfway through the night, use the DevaCurl SuperCream Coconut Curl Styler to reshape your coils.

DevaCurl SuperCream Coconut Curl Styler, $18, Amazon 

The flirty, festive updo: A sophisticated look for visiting your S.O.'s family.

Celine Rahman

Splitting the holidays between two households doesn't have to be stressful for your hairstyle selection. Rock a style that appreciates the mixed company.

Is this the first year you're meeting your beau's parents? Opt for all business in the back and party in the front.

You'll need: Hair clips Bobby pins Hairspray

1. Start by parting the back half of your hair evenly into left and right sections. If you can, hydrate your hair with DevaCurl Heaven In Hair Intense Moisture Treatment.

DevaCurl Heaven In Hair Intense Moisture Treatment, $16, Amazon 

2. Take the bottom right section of your hair and flat twist it toward the front of your head. Repeat on the back left side.

4. For the remaining curls in the front, scrunch and spray with DevaCurl Flexible-Hold Hair Spray.

DevaCurl Heaven In Hair Intense Moisture Treatment, $17, Amazon