How To Dress Like Every Kardashian Sister, Even If You Aren't An Hourglass


Confession: I've never seen an episode of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.” The most I've ever watched was a 10-minute long clip when I couldn't find the remote to change the channel.

That's not to say I haven't been actively keeping up with the Kardashian-Jenner clan. I follow everyone (except Kourtney, because yawn) on social media.

In my opinion, the biggest contribution the family's brought to the world isn't drama, it's Kardashian style. Each sister is decidedly distinct. From Khloe's jumpsuits to Kim's minimalist aesthetic, it's hard not to find a style spirit animal among the clan.

However, channeling your inner Kylie or Kendall might prove to be kind of a challenge if you're not about that crop top and skintight midi skirt life. It's even harder when you aren't genetically blessed with that famous hourglass figure.

Here's how to channel your inner Kardashian, no matter your body type.

To copy Khloe, look for tailored jumpsuits.


I've yet to see KoKo wear a lace jumpsuit that doesn't look fly on her. Instead of the traditional Kardashian skintight midi dress, she opts for impeccable tailoring and strategically placed sheer lace panels to add even more va-va-voom to the look. It doesn't hurt that she's nearly 6 feet tall, either.

Stick to Khloe's tailored silhouettes when picking out a jumpsuit. Pair the statement piece with a matching belt to detract from an extra-long torso, and elongate your legs with a pair of point-toe pumps. Add a lace-print clutch (lace panels might work on Khloe, but don't always flatter girls with a bit more jiggle) and a mauve lipstick.

Kourtney's style is both sexy and subtle.


If Kourt is your secret style goddess, you know a thing or two about balance. The trick is mixing sexy lace bustiers and strappy bralettes with relaxed-fit pieces like boyfriend jeans (or mom jeans, as the oldest Kardashian sister calls them).

Pair a lace-up bodysuit (way comfier than it looks, trust me) with high-waisted beat-up "mom" jeans. They'll not only cover up a post-brunch food baby, but also detract from the overt sexiness of the top. Finish with strappy sandals and a classic nude lip.

Kim loves her capes.


As much as I love Kim's curve-hugging midi dresses, no way in seven hells would I be able to pull that sh*t off with anywhere near as much finesse. Instead of feeling like you're wrapped in sausage casing, go for another of Kimmy's favorites: a cape.

Besides being Batman as f*ck, cape dresses disguise just about anything: no boobs, big boobs, small midsection, ample midsection, little ass, Kim K-level ass. Pair cape dresses with a strappy sandal and Kim's signature pink-nude lip and bronze eye. A chunky choker will add to the illusion (and hide a hairy neck).

Kendall always looks ready for a workout.


Kendall's style is a bit on the sporty side, so this is the time to really embrace athleisure.

Try a pair of stretchy faux-leather leggings with a black crop top. If the idea of baring your tummy freaks you out, don't fret. Pull an army-inspired bomber on over it, and it'll look chic zipped up to your chin. Finally, be sure to wear a pair of Adidas Superstars, as no Kendall-ready look is complete without them.

Kylie is all about sex appeal.


Kylie's aesthetic goes two ways: She either rocks oversized sweats or skintight everything. No matter what the youngest sister wears, she's all about being sexy.

Instead of going for Kylie's signature tight dresses, try an ultra-short oversized sweatshirt. Pair with thigh-high boots and a furry beanie for the ultimate in cozy chic. Finish with a brown liquid lipstick, because it's Kylie "Lip Challenge" Jenner you're emulating.