15 Photos That Define 'Athleisure' Better Than The Dictionary Ever Could

by Emily Arata

We’ve reached peak laziness, in case you wondered if it was possible.

Earlier this week, the New York Times announced Merriam-Webster plans to add the word “athleisure” to the next edition of its dictionary.

It's official: The world of $30 hot yoga classes and aggressively branded spin apparel is here to stay.

The word officially means "casual clothing designed to be worn both for exercising and for general use."

But, it’s mainly worn to annoy the people around you while feeling relaxed.

You’re expensively and purposefully underdressed.

You make women in pencil skirts extra pissed-off about the zippers digging into the base of their spines.

Athleisure escapes definition.

You need to see it to believe it.

To don activewear is to become the douchebag of your office, friend group and book club.

You may as well slap a bumper sticker on your single-speed bike that reads, “My other leggings are Yeezy Season 2.”

The credit card might be daddy’s, but the taste in mesh-dominate cotton clothing is all your own.

But then again, I’m wearing leggings as I write this.

So, maybe we’re all just in it for the elastic waistband.

No one will ever love us like a pair of sweatpants.

Bottom line: If it's made of spandex and you're not wearing it to exercise in, it's athleisure.

Especially if you're running out to buy green juice.

Merriam-Webster, you've got work to do.