I Copied Blair Waldorf's 8 Preppiest Outfits, Big Headbands And All

by Alexa Mellardo
Warner Bros. Television/Alexa Mellardo

Growing up, "Gossip Girl" was the show all of my friends and I passionately binge-watched.

Each episode, we couldn't wait to see what drama Blair Waldorf and Serena Van Der Woodsen would get caught up in. More importantly, though, we were interested in what they were wearing.

As far as we were concerned, B and S owned the streets of New York City. With the two sexy AF men by their sides -- Chuck Bass (or Chuck Bastard, the nickname I gave him) and Nate Archibald -- the two girls ruled both Manhattan and our hearts.

I'm currently living just blocks away from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where all the plot twists and chaos went down 10 years ago. Blair Waldorf and her teenage posse took ownership of those famed steps, gossiping endlessly as they stylishly sipped coffee.

It's a known fact that no one can slay at Blair Waldorf style better than the queen B herself. But we can try, at least, right? I came up with eight Blair-inspired style tips every girl can mix into her daily routine.

1. Blair's preppiest look doesn't have to stay in the classroom.

B is best known for her preppy schoolgirl look, which can definitely be modified to fit a normal person's lifestyle. Instead of the diva's trademark skirt, try the look with a great pair of cuffed boyfriend jeans and pumps.

Alexa Mellardo

The only things I was missing? A squad of minions gossiping, and my main girl Serena, of course.

2. Queen Bees wear crowns, but B only needs a headband.

B wore headbands with every kind of hairstyle, from glamorous curled locks to tousled low buns. To this day, they're still a style staple -- at least, they are where I'm concerned.

Headbands are a fun way to switch up a look, whether you choose to go with bedazzled gems, satin fabric or a wide, funky print.

Alexa Mellardo

An important note: Headbands look just as great worn with a casual t-shirt, skinny jeans and ballet flats as they do with one of B's ballgowns.

3. Fashion should have no boundaries, and neither should underwear.

Blair Waldorf wore what she wanted, when she wanted. In fact, it's B's out-of-the-box sartorial thinking that made so many of us fall in love with her style.

Let's not forget: Before B was nearly a princess, she was busy wearing Natori nightgowns out on the town.

I'm not saying you should do it, but I took one for the team in the name of fashion, of course, and styled my slip just like Blair's. But, I found mine on a clearance rack at Macy's.

4. There's no such thing as a look that's too feminine.

Warner Bros. Television

B knew well that pretty has no boundaries, no matter the occasion. If you feel the urge to dress exceptionally for a date, embrace the mood.

The average working gal's lifestyle doesn't usually afford the opportunity to dress formally. But, when the patent leather shoe fits, channel B's mindset. Don't give a royal f*ck about what other people are wearing and just go for it!

5. Every bold woman needs an equally loud color palette.

Warner Bros. Television

B  mixed colors, no matter what time of year. She never questioned wearing orange with blue, not that any of her friends would've called her on it. Like the Upper East Side muse, broaden your color palette.

You don't have to make an expensive shopping trip to brighten up your wardrobe. A few inexpensive, colorful statement pieces can make all the difference in the world.

Whether you find a funky pocketbook or vibrant pair of pumps that you love, you're making moves in the right style direction.

6. Conservative styles can still be chic.

Instead of wearing a low neckline, B chose to wear a high neck but add flair with embellishments on her evening bag.

Professional and conservative doesn't have to be drab. If the fit is right, and pieces are chosen wisely, the end result can be striking.

This particular outfit involves pieces you probably already have in your closet. It's a winner that can be worn to so many different occasions.

7. Step outside your sartorial box, sometimes.

Occasionally, Blair strayed away from her preppy roots into something a little more exciting. In her case, it's leopard print and tulle. For me, however, it was a little floral number from Forever 21.

I'm not usually a big fan of lace or flowy bottoms, but dared to try something new. Trust the Queen to keep me guessing.

8. When the season changes, try something new.

This is by far my favorite look. Evening wear is timeless, and plain old elegant. I love the floral fabric, and this dress is not something I would have normally chosen.

A gem like this is the ultimate summer find. It can be worn with high strappy sandals, or even beaded flats. Hot pink or bright orange footwear would look absolutely amazing.

B was most likely at another high-end gala, but the look is perfect for a summer wedding or dressier outdoor function. I can't wait to wear mine this summer, all because of Queen B.

I had SO much fun trying to recreate Blair Waldorf's style, and so will you. I don't rock the look as well as B did back in "Gossip Girl," but I was fascinated to see her style is truly timeless.

The series ended over four years ago, and I would still, without a doubt, wear most of them today.

You know you love me. XOXO.