When Men Are Objectified The Way Women Are In Ads, It Just Seems Weird (Photos)

by Katie Gonzalez

What if women weren't the ones so often and normatively sexualized in fashion ads?

From slinky see-through dresses to vampy makeup, women's good looks and svelte bodies are more often than not used in editorials and other print advertisements to show off designer collections and other fashion products.

But Takepart has decided to take its own spin on this phenomenon, reimagining some iconic ad images with male bodies being the focus of desire instead of female ones.

At first glance, the doctored ads are hilarious. Instead of putting a bottle of Tom Ford perfume between two highly-greased female breasts, for example, the new ad shows what it'd be like if those creative execs had instead opted to place it on the hairy chest of a man.

The results are weird because we've become so accustomed to seeing women objectified and stripped down in such a manner, it appears totally unnatural and uncomfortable when we flip it around and make men pose in the same provocative and revealing ways.

Alienating female persons from their body parts is the norm when it comes to commercials, but not so for the guys.

These images might make you laugh, but they'll definitely make you think.

via Takepart, Photos Courtesy: Lauren Wade/Take Part