Here's How To DIY The Pineapple 2-Piece From Beyoncé's Best #OOTD

If you didn't know, I am obsessed with Beyoncé. Every day I try to figure out how to become the best Beyoncé I can be.

No joke, I'll sit on YouTube and watch Beyoncé choreography for hours until I master her moves.

I also scroll through her Tumblr and Instagram for #OOTD inspo, and when I stumbled upon this fineapple Beyoncé outfit (a Nicole Miller ensemble) I knew it was time for a DIY copycat.

Let's just say I was so excited for this shoot I had a hard time sleeping.

I'm spinnin' my foot up. Put my foot down, yeah my hand's up!

Materials + Tools:

- white top

- black skirt

- fabric paint

- paint brushes

Time to Beyoncify this outfit.

Before laying that paint brush down on the fabric, do a quick pen + paper sketch. This will help you wrap your mind around the steps to take when painting.

Go for it, girl! Paint two pineapples — one on each of the side of the skirt. The body of the pineapple should hit at your hips.

Next add two mini pineapples to the elbows of your top. While you let this dry, work on your Beyoncé moves (duh).

Ahh, we are drunk in DIY lovvvve.

All up in the kitchen in my heels. Dinner time.

Kelly, can you handle this? I don't think they can handle this.

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(Photo via @Beyonce)