We Need To Talk: The 7 Different 'Talks' You Have In Your 20s

by Niki McGloster

So much of our 20s is a sh*t show. We're figuring out our limits (drinking, sex or otherwise), navigating every aisle from the one we're going to walk down to the one that has the household cleaning supplies (see Mom, we are growing up) and just trying to stay afloat.

To get through it all, you have to talk your way there. Because if there's one thing we've learned about success, it's not if you can walk the walk; it's if you can talk the talk.

To help us navigate the highs and lows of this defining decade, sometimes it takes a scolding session from yourself (no really, you're not crazy) or a healthy dose of STFU from a friend.

Here are all the cringe-worthy, exciting and downright life-changing talks you have in your 20s.

1. The "You're drinking too much" talk

You should've gotten your sh*t together somewhere between your second and 16th blackout. When Monday night happy hours trump work assignments and baby showers, it's probably time to re-evaluate your priorities.

Seriously, Jameson isn't your homeboy.

Have this talk with: Your BFF who makes it feel more like an intervention.

2. The "What are we?" talk

Defining that gray area between cuddle buddies and a committed relationship is annoying, but at some point it has to be done. If you stalk his tweets and seeth with jealousy when he's on other dates, it's best you drum up that awkward chat.

Have this talk with: the guy you've been dating for six months who still won't let you stay the night.

3. The "I don't need to figure out my entire life right now" talk

Newsflash: Life isn't a series of scenes ripped from "Sex and the City."

We aren't all destined to be bustling entrepreneurs, wives and moms by the age of 30.

Luckily, it only takes a quick pep talk to let yourself off the hook.

Have this talk with: yourself after reading Forbes' 30 Under 30 list.

4. The "Respect my opinion" talk

If gone unchecked, ageism and sexism will run rampant in the workplace. When you're unnecessarily dismissed at work, set up a meeting with your superiors and explain your value to the company.

Have this talk with: your boss, who shuts down your ideas in every meeting.

5. The "You need to get over your ex" talk

So your friend won't stop talking about her ex's whereabouts and dates men who look just like him? Express your thoughts about her bad habits in a group therapy-style chat.

Come on. What are friends for if not for friend-terventions?

Have this talk with: your BFF, who locked herself in her apartment after her ex got engaged.

6. "I don't need to tell you everything I do" talk

You haven't had to be home before the streetlights came on since 2002, so when your mom imposes her unofficial curfew from three thousand miles away, it's more trippy than LSD.

Though you may still need your parents for financial support, set some boundaries around your life to maintain some sanity.

Have this talk withyour mom, who calls you every night to make sure you're home.

7. The "FOMO is not real. FOMO is not real. FOMO is not..." talk

Admit it, before you brush your teeth in the morning, you scroll through Instagram to ensure you haven't missed Drake's beard again.

We get it.

But missing a few hours of social media in favor of face-to-face contact simply means you're more present in your own life.

The good news? YOLO is real.

Have this talk with: yourself whenever you're double-booking your iCal.