Men Vs. Women: The Social Concerns

by Ally Batista

Men and women are complete polar opposites. Besides the anatomical reasons, there is a certain disparity between the two genders that I see every single day. Why is this? Why is it that mentally there are so many things that women worry about that men don’t?

I don’t think it’s an issue of who raised who, well, it may be, but the majority of men and women that I meet seem to have the same differences.

Not Caring What Others Think

I wish that everyone felt the same. Guys roll out of bed and are quite confident in how they look without ever glancing at a mirror. Yes, there are some instances where men actually do care very much about how they look, but those are isolated cases.

The same goes for the rare occasions where women seem to not care about their appearance, as well. Still, it is easy to notice that women care so much more overall. There’s no need to get offended, it’s true, and you can’t try to tell me otherwise.

Women are immersed in beauty and fashion magazines, television, the opinions of others, but the same outlets are available to men. There’s GQ magazine telling you how you should and should not dress, Men’s Health telling you how you should look, countless television programs guiding you in the direction society wants.

Why is it that men don’t care? Men do care, truth be told, they are just too damn lazy to do anything about it! Other than biological explanations for the amount of resonation a thought has in the respective brain of a male versus a female, the only feasible excuse for why men don't care about what other people think about them as much as woman do is because men know in their hearts that they are too lazy to do anything about the criticism or personal flaw at hand, so why let the thought bother them at all?

That is why there is a lot less effort spent by males to fix themselves for the sake of adapting to different social standards around them.

I wish that women would do the same. To me, a woman is much more impressive if she spends less time worrying about what others thought of her, because a women sans confidence is an unattractive woman.

Not Getting Offended

If you are an avid reader of Elite Daily, you’ll see that the majority of our opinion (meant to be humorous) articles are offensive towards women. This is mostly in part to the fact that Elite Daily was once an online destination strictly for males, and the majority (by majority I mean all but one, in the office) of the writers are men.

The male writers (even the one female writer, who has been known to write some sexist articles in the feminists' eyes) do not hate women. We simply write these articles because we want to get a rise out of our readers. Some of our readers don’t understand that they’re supposed to take these articles with a grain of salt and therefore realize that no, we don’t actually think a woman should only aspire to have children, a great body, high aptitude for sex and remain in the kitchen for the rest of their lives.

It’s a joke, and it’s even funnier for us when our readers furiously comment claiming that we’re misogynistic and what have you. These critics and commentators are so caught up in being offended, that they oversee the fact that we write against men as well. In addition to “The Girls Who Are Never Getting Married” article, we wrote “The Guys Who Are Never Getting Married”.

Both articles were equally offensive to both sexes, had extreme stereotypes and we’re written in a rude and sarcastic manner. So, why is it that the “The Girls Who Are Never Getting Married” article has over 1,900 shares on Facebook and over 100 nasty comments defending females and blah blah blah, where “The Guys Who Are Never Getting Married” only has 201 Facebook shares with no more than 20 comments (which mostly agree with what was written)?

The same author, in the same style, with the same condescending attitude, wrote both articles. Why do women have to take so much more offense to bullshit than guys do? The author ripped apart several types of guys who she felt were sexually promiscuous, did drugs, and didn’t respect themselves. The same exact treatment is given to women and the world freaks out. Women everywhere were horribly offended and made it seem like the author was the last voice on feminism everywhere. Guys could give two shits that they were being offended.

No, this isn’t anything against women, there’s no need to get offended, I’m just saying, there’s a huge difference and if you can’t see that, you should look a little more closely at both articles. It’s actually fascinating, there’s so much anguish when someone insults a woman but men simply laugh and agree when an aspect of their sometimes repulsive nature is pointed out.

That's the core of the reason why it's so hard to piss a guy off. Men have come to terms with all the things women can't understand or find disgusting about them, and have realized that these aren't features men should worry about but instead be proud that this are the things that make them men.

I’m going to stop here before I offend another female reader. As this article goes on I have realized I may have unintentionally upset more women with my writing already. I’ve had my fair share of men and women being offended on our articles for the week and it’s only Monday.

This is not meant to be a retraction of anything we’ve ever said. We completely stand by everything that we post and laugh in the face of those who let opinions ruin their day.

I hope that this article points out that there are differences, and maybe you should think “Why?” before you get offended. Because in reality, there’s no reason to be offended, it’s a waste of time and energy that you could put towards a more worthy cause.


Photo Credit: Getty Images