If Beyoncé And Jay Z Get Divorced, What Hope Is There For The Rest Of Us?

The unthinkable might be happening.

Allegations, like stones, have been thrown, and like with glass houses, we all know what happens with thrown allegations… it’s all about to come crumbling down.

Like the first few drops of water before torrential downpour, we were unexpectedly unaware of the turbulence in the Carter-Knowles relationship. We refused to believe those small little droplets would turn into something heavy, something bigger.

We refused to take note of the dark clouds looming above the beautiful, wealthy landscape of the perfect couple.

According to a recent report, the infamous fight between Solange and Jay Z (or rather, attack of Jay Z by Solange) had something to do with Jay Z going to party with Rihanna without his wife.

That, of course, was the first drop. The first symptom of something wrong, but more importantly, something we didn't want to admit. The first sign that left us all wondering what the hell could be happening to the Queen and King that made Solange so damn mad.

Our first instinct was not about their marriage, but rather an unsettled feud between brother and sister-in-law. We didn't jump to the usual allegations about relationship troubles because, unlike most celebrity couples, we didn't want to go there.

Then more reports about the wandering eyes of Mr. Carter came pouring out. We still, however, didn’t let our minds wander to that dark place, the place that no woman wanted to enter. But then, more evidence started piling up.

On their recent “On The Run” tour, Beyoncé spontaneously changed some of her lyrics to “Resentment” from “been riding you for 6 years” to “been riding you for 12 years,” pile that on top of the name of the song, and it seems like she's holding on to some serious "resentment."

Then, the final nail on the assumption coffin came down as the tattoo of "IV" on her ring finger that commemorates her husband's birthday and their marriage, was reportedly lasered off.

And that, with those few small stones, is all we need. No happy woman would be lasering off her tattoos and changing her lyrics if something bad weren’t happening.

Though many would argue that these aren't concrete enough signs of an impending divorce, what we all know and wanted to believe could never be true has just revealed itself... Jay Z hasn't been so "crazy in love."

The words are as painful to say as they are to read. The allegations sit cold in our hands, piercing the skin, but we don’t dare let go until we know it's true.

But why does this hurt us so much? Why does even the idea of a break between our favorite superstars cut so deep? Why don't we want it to be true?

Unfortunately, for women everywhere, it's because we know what it really means.

It's not just a divorce of another celebrity couple. This isn’t just about another failed Hollywood marriage. This isn’t about good gossip and entertainment.

This is about the alleged, yet believable, indiscretions of a man on the most-esteemed woman in the world and what it means to women everywhere.

If Beyoncé is the voice for women, what does it mean when the hottest and most empowering woman in the world can’t keep a man? If Beyoncé isn’t woman enough, who is?

The sad realization about this is that the downright sexiest, most alluring and most beautiful woman of our generation, the woman whose lyrics about love, sex and friendship we’ve praised and devoured, could be flailing under her own advice.

The man who promised to love her, be with her and stay faithful to her has broken his vows. The man who is supposed to thank God every day that he gets to share a bed with her may be rolling around in another one.

The man who is supposed to cherish her and support her has deceived her.

And while we pray to God these allegations will come to mean nothing, and the small cracks in the house can be replaced and repaired, it’s still coming as a harsh blow to women, because we can't not look into what it means when the most illustrious and enviable couple can't make it.

Success and marriage don’t mix

According to Billboard, the couple’s co-headlining stadium tour is set to top $100 million in just 19 shows. While their combined success is record-breaking, it doesn’t mean their marriage is on the same track.

The couple has been rumored to be saving face for the success of their tour and success of their empire. There have also been speculations and reports that the couple has marriage counselors on tour with them, leading us to believe that even millions of dollars can’t save a marriage.

It doesn’t matter how hot you are

Is there a hotter woman than Beyoncé? Jealous women everywhere put away their green masks to knowingly admit that Queen B is most definitely a woman to look up to. Unlike Megan Fox or Rosie Huntington-Whitely, we willingly admit that Beyoncé is a standard we will never reach.

She is more goddess than human, and the role model for young girls and their older counterparts. And if she, the hottest woman in the world, can’t keep a man from wandering, what chance do the rest of us have?

Those with the best advice usually don’t take it

For over 15 years, Beyoncé has taught us about men. She’s warned us about thugs, those unwilling to “put a ring on it” and the power of the independent woman.

We assumed when Beyoncé settled down, it would be to a man who satisfied all the demands she told us to make ourselves.

We assumed it would be to a man who treated her like the goddess she is. It looks like, however, that after the years of preaching about unworthy men, even the woman with the most experience and the best advice can fall for the wrong one.

The years don’t matter

We all respected the famous couple for their sensible six-year relationship before tying the knot.

Two people who spend six years together before getting married must know what they’re doing, right? Wrong. Because apparently time doesn’t make a difference.

After six years of dating and six years of marriage, the couple is now in the middle of divorce allegations.

To add insult to injury, we all remember Beyoncé's turbulent relationship with her father after he had an 18-month affair with actress Alexsandra Wright and he divorced her mother after 31 years of marriage.

Babies don’t save marriages

Blue Ivy may be the most famous toddler in the world, but her presence isn’t powerful enough to heal a broken relationship.

According to New York Daily News, Jay Z has knowingly cheated on his wife since the birth of their daughter while Beyoncé has also been spotted checking out apartments by her lonesome.

The paper reports that the couple plans to give a statement on their relationship come the end of their tour. While there is no doubt that the couple love the child and hopes not to divorce for her sake, it's enough evidence to believe that babies will not save a marriage.

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