Spill the Beans: The Best Healthy Food That Isn't Rabbit Food (Photos)

When we think of healthy food, what comes to mind? Fruits, veggies and lots of green things.

While sure, kale and zucchini and everything in that family is pretty delicious -- albeit covered in some sort of sauce -- but they’re not exactly crave-able foods.

I’m sorry, but no one comes home from a night at a college bar, after hooking up with a random Australian exchange student, craving f*cking spinach. Or Goddamn quinoa. Who even likes quinoa?

If you’re on a fitness kick, you deserve some actual substantial food, not whatever grass and leaves every food blogger tells you to munch on.

Going to the gym is hard enough, so you deserve a bit of bacon in your system -- OK, not actual bacon because that is practically glorified poison, but we’re going to get close.

Avocado — and not just on toast

Avocado, man. That sh*t is everywhere and for good reason. It’s packed with heart-healthy monounsaturated fatty acids and fills you up so you’re not running out to buy chips and guac an hour later.

It’s also delicious and goes with virtually everything, be it sushi, toast, bagels or potatoes.

All salmon, everything

Fact: Salmon is loaded with protein and amino acids, plus it's delicious, and anyone who thinks otherwise is wrong and someone you shouldn’t be friends with anymore.

There are so many ways to cook this delightful alternative to red meat (sorry, burger-loving babes) and each way is more delicious than the one before. BRB, ordering a salmon roll for lunch.

Bring on the vino

Regardless of whether it had magical health properties or not, I’d still drink my body weight in Pinot Grigio every week.

Luckily, vino comes jam-packed with resveratol, which is basically the elixir of life and is the end-all-be-all of anti-aging. So drink up, winos.

Don’t hold the feta

Any diet that requires you to ditch cheese is not a diet worth being on. Your beloved parmesan or mozzarella might not be on our list, but their sexier, slimmer cousin is: feta cheese.

It has that salty tang that you would want from a cheese, but also has fatty acid that helps you feel full.

In a nutshell

Walnuts are the real MVP of nuts. They have tons of omega-3s and are great for your heart (which, unlike your thoroughly f*cked-up liver, can be salvaged).

Walnuts also play nicely and are delicious sprinkled on other food, namely yogurt and fruit salad.

Sweet, sweet potato

You know what sweet potatoes have? Vitamin A. Vitamin A improves vision and helps maintain a healthy immune system, which is important when you’ve spent your weekend hopping from one shady bar to another.

How do you like them apples?

Apples are usually overlooked because there are way sexier fruits out there, such as pomegranates, but apples are delicious and deserve their time in the spotlight.

They are not only 95 calories of ultra-filling goodness, but also are jam-packed with fiber. Alternatively, the dried variety is supposed to help you with #weightlossgoals.