Egg-Cellent: You'll Never Be Bored Of Breakfast With These Tasty Ideas

Madeline Lu

In grade school, you’re taught that breakfast is the most important meal of the day — and yet, you’d be lucky if you even have time to make yourself a cup of coffee before heading out for work.

Having a good breakfast is not only important, it’s imperative. According to a study performed by the Harvard School of Public Health, skipping breakfast may increase your chances of developing coronary heart disease. More importantly, breakfast is delicious and there should never be an excuse to miss a meal where eggs and bacon are the de rigueur.

While bacon, eggs and bagels might temporarily  fill you up, they won’t keep you full past 11 am. Come lunch, you’ll be just as ravenous as if you nibbled on nothing but the sweet taste of air along with your morning joe.

Check out our favorite healthy and delicious breakfasts for keeping your rumbling tummy in check well past the lunch bell.

Spinach, Feta and Tomato Omelette

Difficulty level: 2/10. At this point, you’ve made enough omelets in your life to know how to not set your kitchen on fire every time you drop an egg in a pan.

Power players: There’s a reason that spinach is Popeye’s favorite veggie. It restores energy and increases vitality — perfect for getting your inner muscular sailor to work in the am. No omelet is complete without a healthy dose of cheese and the feta adds a powerful kick.

Why it’ll boost your morning: Eggs have enough good protein in them to keep you going through all your morning meetings. Additionally, eggs pack plenty of vitamins which guarantee a sunny start to your day.

Pretzel Croissant with Jam

Difficulty level: 9/10. Pretzel croissants take a lifetime to make from scratch, so this is something you’re probably best off doing over the weekend and reheating throughout the week. If baking is your own version of Dante’s Inferno (and you're in the NYC area), stop by City Bakery and grab a couple of these pre-made bad boys.

Power players: Pretzel croissants generally have less saturated and total fat than plain Jane croissants, so if you’re craving a bit of dough, they’re the way to go. Use your favorite jam: raspberry or strawberry is always a winner.

Why it’ll boost your morning: If you opt for raspberry jam, you’ll start off your morning with tons of vitamin C and fiber. Strawberries are also great for boosting concentration because they’re jam-packed with simple sugars.

Strawberry-Banana Smoothie

Difficulty level: 1/10. This is the perfect Monday morning breakfast food. It takes nearly zero time to prepare -- all you’re doing is chucking your fruits in a blender -- and it looks pretty. Plus, your coworkers will be impressed with your commitment to being a functional human being post-weekend.

Power players: Strawberries. Banana. That’s it. Told you it’s easy.

Why it’ll boost your morning: You already know why strawberries are awesome. Bananas have oodles of vitamin B6, which can help boost your memory. Plus, you can take this with you to work and sip away all morning.

Plantain and Kale-Infused Eggs

Difficulty level: 4/10. Making plantains will be the true culinary test here. You’ll have to wake up fifteen minutes early, but it’s worth it for starchy fried goodness.

Power players: Plantains and kale. We all know that kale is awesome for you thanks to the 'Great Kale Craze' of 2014. Plantains, on the other hand, are still missing from the Chipotle menu for some inexplicable reason and are proof as to why we can’t have nice things.

Why it’ll boost your morning: Plantains are like bananas on steroids: they have more starch, vitamins and also come in three different colors. Kale is a nutrient powerhouse and has more than 90 percent of your daily Vitamin K and 14 percent of your daily calcium, which explains why National Kale Day is a thing.

Avocado Toast

Difficulty level: 2/10. All you’re doing is slicing some avocado, toasting some bread and snapping a photo for Instagram against a marble slab because, you know, #avocadotoast and #breakfastgoals.

Power players: Avocado, obviously. Yes, this might be the world’s most basic meal ever, but there’s good reason: it’s delicious, nutritious and you’ll feel good about eating it.

Why it’ll boost your morning: Avocado is loaded with unsaturated fat, which is ultra-healthy (unlike the saturated kind) and will fill you up for all your morning meetings.