Controversial Video Glorifies The Unrealistic Expectation Of Beauty That Is The 'Thigh Gap'

Does anybody really care about the thigh gap, or think that such a standard actually exists as the marker of the "perfect" bikini bod?

Unfortunately, there are many who buy into the notion that if there isn't a six-inch gap between your upper legs, you're doing it wrong.

We have women getting lasered for the look, and a bunch of other pro-ana websites dedicated to how to deprive yourself in order to achieve that level of scary-skinny.

And that's probably due to things like this: a video titled "The Magic Gap" released by the website Nowness.

This horribly-conceived clip features various images that glorify the thigh gap, disguising the fact that it's obsessively looking at a sick beauty standard with soft-pink sunsets in the background.

The video highlights fetishization at its worst because, although it features the voices of women and men and the bodies of females, there's not one face shown throughout the minute and a half. Because, clearly, women are really only important from the waist-down.

This video takes us to a very dangerous and dark place, where women are only valued and looked at for their bodies.

Watch this nearly-NSFW video if you want to be inundated with images of ass and crotch, and the utterly-unrealistic "thigh gap" standard.

via: Nowness