18 People Confess All The Reasons Why They Love Having Period Sex

Periods are something most of us will never get entirely used to, but when that time of the month arrives and we bleed profusely from our Chamber of Secrets, the world hardly stops turning.

Period or no period, women still need to work, wear clothes other than sweats and, sometimes, get busy.

After years of monthly visits from the Bloody Baron, a week (or less) of discomfort isn’t about to stop any girl from LiVinG * HeR * bEst * LiFe.

1. So what if these sheets get ruined? I always hated these sheets.

2. I saw a buttery corn on the cob at a Golden Corral and, honestly, it might as well have been sweaty, naked Bradley Cooper.

3. You boys are just jealous you can’t ride the crimson tide and accidentally ruin your favorite undies, too.

4. I legitimately feel like we’re two neanderthals who just saw some tigers boning and decided, “Yeah, all right, let’s go for it.”

5. My only other option is ripping my uterus out with my bare hands... so let’s try this first.

6. His head actually exploded, but I was cool about the brain bits all over the bed because he was cool about me shedding my uterine lining.

7. The unlikeliness of pregnancy is such a turn-on.

8. I’ve been looking for a legit blood-and-tissue-based lube for YEARS.

9. Angels flew from my vagina, their robes ruined and their spirits high.

10. It was strange in a supernatural way. Aliens tried to abduct me and I was like, “Not right now.”

11. In unrelated news, crime scenes make me super horny.

12. One day he shall become me and I will have sex with myself.

13. Highly recommend, 10/10. BYO Towels.

14. Now I have all this extra plastic sheeting and I have no clue where to store it.

15. Accept no substitutions. I will wait a full month to have sex again.

16. I’m serious. Do not touch me unless my estrogen levels drop and my egg is rendered useless.

17. He is a total menstrual vampire.

18. I use my period tracker to schedule booty calls.

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