Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin Just Added Two New Colors To Its 'Nudes' Collection

As a woman of color, most "nudes" don't apply to me.

The definition of nude, as it stands in beauty and fashion, hovers somewhere between beige and tan, leaving us brown girls to either settle on ill-matched clothes or stick with black. Trust me, the hunt to score a shoe that blends with my deep brown skin is far beyond frustrating.

However, several fashion companies are becoming more inclusive when it comes to skin-tone offerings, especially Christian Louboutin. The line just added new colors to its "Nudes" collection.

In 2013, the designer footwear titan first launched the coveted Nudes Collection after a co-worker shared a sentiment many women of color empathize with: "Beige is not the color of my skin." Afterward, Louboutin rethought his existing nude styles.

This week, the legendary designer continued his mission, expanding the color variety of the collection by adding two new shades with the release of the Solasofia ballet flat. Now in seven colors to match a wider range of skin tones, these coveted red bottoms range from porcelain nude to a rich, deep chocolate.

It's a sigh of relief to see a fashion line not only acknowledges colorism, but also go out and do something about it. If I could skip out on rent and buy these $595 Christian Louboutins, this would be the best day ever.

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