What Your Favorite Girl Boss Celeb Says About Your Next Career Move

by Talia Koren
Getty Images

As a Millennial woman, I have so many female role models to look up to.

There's no end to the variety of women who dominate: actresses who push for million-dollar contracts, pop stars who earn far beyond what anyone who thought they would.

It's not like these women fell out of bed and into the spotlight, either. These fearless females made sacrifices, took risks and hustled like crazy to make their dreams happen. So can you.

Taylor Swift relocated to be in the right place.

We know Taylor Swift as a mega-pop star with more Grammys than fit in one hand, but she made a big sacrifice along the way.

At age 14, Swift and her family relocated from Pennsylvania to Tennessee. Swift, obsessed with becoming a country music star, was positive Nashville was the place to learn the business. She formed relationships with people who helped kick off her career.

What you can learn: Sometimes, you have to follow your dreams to a different place. Be fearless, follow your passion and move to a big ol' city.

Amy Schumer covered all her bases.

In the past five years, Amy Schumer has released two stand-up specials. She wrote and performed in three seasons of her sketch show, "Inside Amy Schumer," as well as "Trainwreck." Schumer even nabbed a multi-million dollar book deal with Simon & Schuster. Nothing can stop her.

What you can learn: Schumer is flexing her creative muscles on as many different platforms as she can, and she's thinking big. If you have talent, expand on it.

Priyanka Chopra knocked down an industry barrier.

Chopra made the jump from Bollywood to Hollywood, starring as a badass FBI agent in ABC's "Quantico."

What you can learn: Switching careers isn't easy or immediate, and it probably won't be seamless, but it's doable. I'm sure Chopra knows now that every single strategic move was worth the success.

Adele knew her limits.

Adele, known for her tear-triggering songs, has produced three albums and won 10 Grammys. But, even powerhouses like her take breaks.

In 2011, the pop queen took a hiatus from touring and had vocal cord surgery to avoid damaging her voice. She made her return to singing and performed at the Grammys in 2012, where she won in all six categories for which she was nominated.

What you can learn: It's pointless to sacrifice physical health for hard work. Take time to feel yourself out if you're stressed, because at the end of your break you might experience a huge career win.

Rihanna faked it and made it.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the baddest b*tch of them all? Rihanna, obviously. In under a decade, Rihanna produced 14 number one hits -- the third most of all time. She's right up there with The Beatles.

Rihanna actually took vocal lessons from Ne-Yo for her third album, "Good Girl Gone Bad." She didn't have any training when she started her career, but winged it and killed it.

What you can learn: If you have a hunch you'd be good at something, go for it and seek out training simultaneously. As long as you have passion, the rest will follow.

Karlie Kloss picked a cause that mattered.

Karlie Kloss has worked with practically every major fashion house and she's only 23. You've seen her in ads for various designers and brands, from Valentino to Gap. But, kicking ass as a model isn't her only priority.

Last year, she set up a scholarship in partnership with and the Flatiron School called Kode with Karlie, a summer program for girls in high school who are interested in software engineering and computer science.

What you can learn: Choose a side hustle that makes an impact, because career moves aren't always about benefiting yourself. Find a cause that moves you and donate the little time you have to help others.

Nicki Minaj went back to her roots.

Minaj attended an arts high school and later acted in an off-Broadway play. Despite her talent, she struggled to get gigs. It seemed clear acting wasn't going to work out, so she tried out jobs like waitressing and being an assistant. None were a fit, so she went back to music, determined to make it.

What you can learn: If what you're doing in your career isn't working out, don't forget your roots. You can still make a career out of the passion you had as a kid.

If all else fails, make like Minaj and develop alter egos to confuse the sh*t out of everyone.

Rachel McAdams tuned everyone else out.

When has Rachel McAdams not made us cry during "The Notebook" or crack up during "Mean Girls"? This Canadian actress is extremely versatile. Have you seen "The Family Stone"? She plays a grumpy little sister to Luke Wilson and it's amazing.

McAdams' career has grown steadily, but she actually took a break from 2006 to 2007. During that time, she turned down major roles in "The Devil Wears Prada" and "Casino Royale."

What you can learn: McAdams took time off because there were too many people trying to influence her decisions. Stepping away was necessity in order for her rethink her career priorities. This year, her supporting actress role in "Spotlight" landed her an Academy Award nomination, so the gamble paid off.

Emma Watson continued her education.

After playing Hermione Granger for what seemed like my entire lifetime, Emma Watson went back to school at Brown University to study literature. It took her five years to finish her degree, as she was also filming the "Harry Potter" franchise. Somewhere between casting spells and going to school, she got certified to teach yoga and meditation.

What you can learn: Just because you're successful doesn't mean you have to stop learning. Studying something that has nothing to with your career can help when your job doesn't work out. Why not have something to fall back on?

Beyoncé flew solo to see what she was made of.

We'll never forget how Destiny's Child taught us how to be independent. The trio was great while it lasted, but Beyoncé wasn't happy. Two years before the group's official "break" in 2005, she released her first solo album, "Dangerously In Love." She won two Grammys and the rest is history.

What you can learn: Are there people in your life who hold you back? Don't let them. Leaving one project doesn't mean you're giving up. Go solo like Beyoncé and run the world.

When we see the lives of our favorite girl bosses, we often forget what it took for them to get to where they are. They found their success by being creative, working through challenges and harnessing their talents.

That's something anyone can strive to do, even if the goal isn't to play the half-time show at the Super Bowl or win an Oscar.