Can't Stop, Won't Stop: 14 Signs You're The Crazy Friend

by Erika Huber

There's always that friend in the group who will stand on a table, yell ridiculous things in public places and twerk in the frozen food aisle.

She's the "crazy" friend, and if you're reading this thinking no such friend exists in your group, you just might be her.

If you haven't come to terms with the fact that "crazy" is part of your identity, here are 14 telltale signs that might help you out:

1. People tell you you're being loud

You get shushed a lot. People give you hand signals to take down the volume. Strangers either laugh or grimace at the things you do and say and your presence is known when you come on the scene.

You may not be aware of your lack of volume control. All you know is you're not in a library, so what the f*ck's the problem?

2. You're almost never the "mom" when you go out drinking

Your friends know you all too well. It's usually expected that you'll get too drunk to be held responsible for other people, let alone yourself.

And, everyone's kind of just okay with it cuz that's just the role you play.

3. You're the entertainment

Without you, there's something missing. Without a second thought, you'll do what most others find too embarrassing to do because why not, man?

You're the first to beeline to the men's bathroom at the bar when there are 45 girls in line for the ladies room.

You'll twerk it out against a freezer of frozen pizzas in Wegmans at 11 pm.

You'll whip out the vulgar comments no one else would think to say, and your friends love the spice you bring to what would otherwise be a bland night.

4. Some people can't handle you

You're not for the faint of heart. Some people are much too conservative or mild-mannered to withstand your antics.

You might get judgmental looks or eye rolls from those who clearly do not take as much joy in the vibrancy of life as you do.

5. You don't have a filter

You dare to say out loud what everyone else was thinking. It's both a blessing and a curse.

6. Of course, you *insert crazy thing you did*

“You would” is a phrase you hear a lot from your friends and family.

"You would accidentally drop an f-bomb in front of a crowd of third graders." "You would wander off at a music festival and not have your phone on you."

"You wouldfall and roll down a hill and laugh even harder than if it had happened to someone else."

You would.

7. People ask if you're okay when you're not talking

You're usually pretty hyped and jabbering a mile a minute, you do have moments when you just feel like being quiet or serious.

However, this throws off everyone. They assume that because you decided to take it from your usual 10 down to a five, something must be wrong.

8. You just need to dance

A party or a bar without a dance floor and amateur "Step Up" dance battle is no place you want to be. But, as long as you can get out and bust some moves, it's a successful night.

9. Half of your go-to picture poses involve pointing and duck faces

You're basically a female frat star.

If you're going to take a pic, you might as well look as you do in your natural habitat.

10. “Are you drunk?”

“Are you stoned?” “Nah, man, I'm high on life and drunk in love!”

Your elevated energy and lack of shame can be surprising to those who don't know for themselves that you can be wild, embarrassing and clumsy while also completely and utterly sober.

11. You always have a story to tell

When you meet up with a friend you haven't seen in a while or even in just a few days, you have a lot to talk about. It's not hard to come up with conversation because you have plenty of material.

You could do standup with all the crazy content you've collected.

12. Your friend's friends know about you

It's not an unusual occurrence when you meet your friend's friend and he or she greets you with a big grin paired with, “I've heard so much about you.”

Your pals can't help but share the endearingly infamous episodes from your life with others.

13. A name was given to your drunken alter ego

Sober you is bad enough, but drunk you is on a whole other level.

Sometimes it takes a full moon and that one specific drink, but when you somehow stray from the supervision of your party moms and get ahold of the nectar, you're on a one-way train to Crazy Town.

The person you become when there's no turning back has earned a special name because she's very distinct. Sometimes she's lovable, and sometimes she's scary. So scary.

14. You're the star of your friends' Snapchat stories

The iPhone camera loves you. Whether the setting is the club or your best friend's basement, you're doing something ridiculous that's worth documenting.

There's no shame in being the “crazy” friend. You're the source of laughter, the heroine of many wild adventures and the superstar in your own books. A great woman once said, “I came to f*ck sh*t up.”

And, that woman was probably you, right before you did something really great.