12 Times Britney Spears Was Our Spirit Animal On Instagram

My mom got me my very first Britney Spears CD in a Russian music store near our old apartment in Brooklyn. It was an attempt to assimilate me into American culture.

To my mom, Queen Brit-Brit was the epitome of what all Americans enjoyed. Therefore, I got to learn all the complexities of "Hit Me Baby, One More Time."

My relationship with the pop diva mirrored that of a best friend. I mourned when she broke up with Justin Timberlake, cheered when she came out with a snake during her “I'm A Slave 4 U” VMA performance and cringed when she shaved her head.

Thanks to Instagram, living my life vicariously through Britney has never been easier.

In honor of the pop star's 34th birthday, I’m celebrating every time she was basically just like us on Instagram.

1. When she raved about her dogs doing absolutely nothing.

2. When she cheesed just a little too hard while meeting her celeb crush.

3. When she was proud of her injuries.

4. When she was #twinning.

5. When her yoga poses were on fleek.

6. When she overdid the AirBrush app.

7. When her #OOTD game was fire.

8. When she shadily regrammed anything involving her ex.

9. When she was definitely, indisputably asleep in her selfie.

10. When she was all about the skinny arm pose.

11. When she tried to read, but got distracted by her large forehead.

12. When she gave us that epic throwback.