Brides-To-Be Are Asking Their Friends To Be Bridesmaids In The Best Way

Bridesmaid-ing ain't easy. Besides the actual price of the dress, the parties and the plane tickets, there's the emotional trauma of watching your best friend become a stressed out mess for the greater part of a year. You couldn't be happier for her, but no one would make the argument that this is a relaxing beach vacation.

To thank their best pals for supporting them, brides have begun "proposing" to their favorite ladies with small party favors, customized cards and even tiny bottles of bubbly. The whole thing is very "Pinterest-chic."

Brides-to-be, I know what you're thinking: This is yet another way to spend money and make a fool of yourself on social media. But I believe sentimentality tops flash in this case. You don't have make it rain Benjamin Franklins to make your girlfriends feel flattered.

Instead of purchasing a customized party box, pick up a sparkly card and insert a photo of you both from sixth grade. You know the one. It's the one nobody has seen since you realized those bangs you cut yourself were tragic.

Ready for some bride-spiration? Check out these peppy, happy proposals:

Let's start with basics. A beautiful scripted card is all you really need.

Don't get intimidated because this proposal is straight out of Martha Stewart weddings.

Throw in some self-tanner so the photographer doesn't capture my pasty vampire legs on camera.

Sparkly sneakers are perfect for the Maid of Honor, who wouldn't be caught dead in anything but flats.

This clay charm is so cute you could save it as a memory for you Christmas tree.

Coffee, obviously. Because bridesmaids need lots of dark roast to keep up with their bride.

Send this card to the girl who saw your sloppy phase in college.

If Regina George was getting married, this would be her proposal. That's the highest compliment I can give.

This gift isn't just thoughtful, it's practical. You'll keep wearing those earrings long after "I do."

Find me a single woman who doesn't welcome an extra hairband.

And how better to prepare for months of wedding stress than with a long bath and a scented candle?

This bride gets it. She sent food.

Some brides even opt for a big party that celebrates their newly inaugurated bridesmaids.

If you're taking the party route, don't forget the champagne.

Finally, my favorite proposal of all. This one involves pizza.