Have Your Bra Fit Perfectly

A bra is one of the items that a woman must wear every single day. Since it’s such an integral aspect of your daily routine, you should be paying more attention to how it fits.

But how do you know if your bra is fitting properly? Liz Smith, Wacoal’s bra expert, knows exactly how. “A great fitting bra should lift, support, contain and be comfortable,” she says. “If you’re looking in a mirror, all of your breast tissue should be contained in the cups, and the underwires should completely clear your breast tissue.”

“The center of the bra, called a bridge, gore, or center front, should touch your chest wall. Your straps should stay up on your shoulders once adjusted. The back of the bra needs to sit low and snug on your back to anchor the bra.”

Another way to test and see if your bra is fitting properly is the Elbow Test. “Stand sideways to a mirror and bend your arm at the elbow with your palm facing down. Your bust should be centered between your shoulder and elbow in the middle of your arm.”

Ally | Elite.

Photo Credit: Getty Images