#BossLady: 31 Signs You Are The Alpha B*tch Of Your Group

by Gigi Engle

Every group has one. The one who guides the sheep, the girl who makes the rules for all others to follow. From an outsider’s perspective, it’s very easy to tell which one of these girls fits into the role of The Leader.

But from the inside, it’s not always so easy. Sometimes girls convince themselves they're the one who runs this m*ther f*cker, when really, they’re just taking orders from the Top Dog, the Head Bitch In Charge.

The boss lady is confident, charming, fierce as hell and incredibly forceful.

She is the Alpha Bitch, a là Regina George. She is the Type A Female.

She's the one who tells everyone else what's what, and she’s the one all her friends look up to.

Every group needs one and the natural laws of the universe inevitably lead to one female rising above the rest in her friend group.

Are you the Alpha Bitch? Check out the signs and find out if you fit the bill heels.

31. The party starts when you walk in.

You’re the life of every party. When you walk in, you turn heads. Everyone feels the presence you carry. And no one would ever be so foolish as to start a party without you.

30. You know Regina George was just misunderstood.

She may have seemed like a catty b*tch, but she was really just a Boss Lady in training. She knew how to run things, and she was the queen of her kingdom -- you can’t blame her for that.

29. All your shoes are made for walking, not just boots.

You werk. You walk with purpose because you're a force to be reckoned with. Whether it’s at work or at play, you're a brilliant thing to behold.

28. You set the dress code for every gathering.

And you’re always treated like the hostess and the center of attention, whether or not this is technically your party.

27. You take no sh*t from anyone.

You are the boss. Bow down.

26. You’re "The Planner."

You always coordinate the plans and your friends just assume you have the night figured out. They just have to ask, "What are we doing tonight?" And you’ll have all the answers.

25. Your friends sync to your period.

It’s those alpha hormones. Everyone who is with you on a regular basis is hoppin’ on your flow.

24. You always choose the club or bar.

You know everyone and you know all the best places. You do the choosing. You haven’t let your friends down yet, so they have every reason to trust your judgment.

23. The pregame starts when you say so.

And it takes place wherever you are.

22. When other girls say bitchy things, they're bitchy, but when you say it, they're funny.

You pull off sarcasm so much better than everyone else. It just works for you.

21. You don't call them, they call you.

Whether it is the man (see: men) in your life or your girlfriends, you go to no one. If someone wants to contact you, they can feel free to call. You’re a little busy werking it to track people down.

20. You get first dibs -- on everything.

No one is getting their hands on those goodies before you’ve decided what you want first.

This goes for everything in essentially every situation in your life: free samples, shotgun in your friend’s ride, the cute guy at the bar... you get to pick before everyone else.

19. You never wait in line.

You're not about that life. You walk right through the velvet ropes.

18. If you take a shot, everyone takes a shot.

If you’re blacking out tonight, everyone is blacking out tonight. You do not drink alone.

17. Guys and girls buy you drinks.

The guys want to be with you, and the girls want to be you.

16. You know all the right people.

Because you have a wide range of contacts and are very personable, you know everyone worth knowing. You have every bouncer and PR girl in your back pocket. You always get into every VIP section.

15. You're very dependable.

If you say you’ll be somewhere at 7 pm, you'll be there at 7 pm. And you DO NOT like to be kept waiting. Punctuality is your middle name.

And that’s one of the keys to your success in life. You do not waste anyone's time, and you expect the same from your peers.

14. You think your friends might be a little afraid of you.

Your friends are afraid of pissing you off and are also intimidated by you because you’re one fierce lady. They love you, but the fear is really all the same. Those who know and love you best will eventually get over it.

13. You’re the person your friends call to bail them out of trouble.

Even though you are FOR SURE judging them for getting into whatever situation they’ve gotten themselves into, you’ll always be able to talk anyone into letting them off the hook.

12. People apologize to you when you're wrong.

Sometimes you can say some really hurtful sh*t without meaning to. You didn’t mean to be an assh*le, it just kind of slipped out. But you're not good at admitting when you’ve messed up.

Admitting you messed up would be admitting you’re weak — at least in your eyes. You’re not even worth fighting with. So, people apologize to you instead.

11. Nobody would dare miss your birthday.

Your wrath is swift and mighty. No one would forget to bring you champagne, either.

10. You always have the final say in where you want to eat.

No one can figure out what they want, so they turn to you.

If you’re not eating carbs this week, your group is getting salad. If you don’t feel like Italian for Girls' Night, you’re not going to Balducci’s. You might be picky, but at least you’re decisive.

9. You deliver the hard truths your friends need to hear.

Sometimes the truth can be tough, but your friends know exactly whom to go to if they need it from someone. If that guy sucks? You’re going to tell them. If that dress looks horrible? You’ll say so.

Some might call you mean, but you’re really just honest.

8. You hate everyone's boyfriend.

Because no scrub is ever good enough for your girls.

7. You're the friend every boyfriend wants to impress.

Every guy who dates one of your "nice" friends is desperate for your seal of approval -- to be in your good graces means they can stick around. At least, for now. Remember, boy: You hurt her, you die.

6. You have zero frenemies.

Maybe you did in high school when you weren't as confident or self-aware, but not anymore.

Everyone you know is too f*cking scared of you to talk sh*t and you don't have time for the girls who ain't loyal.

All of those terrible, inconsiderate, unintelligent, toxic people out there? Buh bye, b*tch.

5. You're never the DD. Ever.

The only “DD” you are is a “Dancing Diva.” And the girls no better than to even ask if you’re planning to cart them around all night.

4. You don't give second chances.

If someone does you dirty, or messes with someone in your group, she's finished.

3. You pick who's in the group chat.

Sorry, you didn’t mean to "hurt" Annie’s feelings by leaving her out, but she relentlessly replies to every single person with one-word messages that come in one at a time to make a sentence. And you’re just not OK with that anymore.

2. Someone always has a tampon for you -- you don't carry them around.

And since you have your period, all your friends do too. They’re always stocking up, and they know they’re buying for two because you wouldn’t be bothered to buy your own.

1. You always win every argument.

Arguing with you is completely pointless. You keep up with current events, you have a strong moral code and when you think you’re right, you’re right.

Even when you’re wrong, you’re right.