This Video Perfectly Explains How Women Are Labeled In The Workplace

No matter what anyone says, it's still tough to be a woman in this world. While women now have the opportunity to hold the same positions of power as men in business, there is a remaining double standard at play.

Feminism has lead us far, but the stigmas still stick and women are constantly labeled, spoken poorly of and victims of double standards, especially in the work place.

You see it all the time: When a man is tough, he's strong; When a woman is tough, she's a b*tch.

Women are constantly fighting for keeping their gender out of the equation when being evaluated in business. As many of us feel the daily grind getting to us, and our femininity getting in the way of achieving the respect we deserve, Pantene has come along with a provocative ad exposing the unfair labels of women in the workplace.

The advertisement gets by with barely even featuring the product, a shampoo bottle, which reinforces the fact that it is a statement piece. This is an ode to women everywhere. We're not alone and things need to change.

H/T: AdWeek, Top Photo Courtesy Of: YouTube