The Most Bizarre Fashion And Beauty Trends In The World

by Julian Sonny

It is safe to say that different countries and regions have developed certain tastes that perhaps another would find bizarre. Whether it’s food or music you will surely find a wide variety all over the world.

But when it comes to fashion and beauty trends you will truly be shocked at what some of our own neighbors are up to.

These are the most bizarre fashion and beauty trends in the world.

10. Mustang Skinline Jeans - Scandinavia

This is the next level of skinny jeans. In fact they are essentially high-waist jeggings; for men. It doesn't get more suspect than that ladies and gentleman. These pants look like they are from the 80's and they belong there as well. Let's just pray that this fashion trend doesn't make its way out here any time soon.

9. Fascinators - Europe

We have seen Kate Middleton rock these on several occasions but it always leads us to asking the same question. What the hell is that? Maybe they were a sign of class and elegance back in the 18th century but today they just look a bit absurd and bougie.

8. Pollution Masks - Beijing, China

As we all know the Chinese are a bit over-cautious when it comes to straying from germs and bacteria. In fact they went as far as incorparting these pollution masks as a part of their everyday attire. Although these ones are plain you will see no shortage of Hello Kitty and Pokemon masks throughout China street.s

7. Mexican Pointy Boots - Matehuala, San Luis Potosí, Mexico

Are they drunk? Wait, yes they definitely are. These Mexican pointy boots can go up to as long as five feet which is taller than the height of you average Mexican person. Imagine stepping out into town rocking these. You will surely see no ass.

6. Extraocular Implants - Rotterdam, The Netherlands

This "cute" eye modification surgery requires an injection into, you guessed it, your eye. If you are willing to get a shot in your eye, then something is seriously wrong with you. For just $1,000 you can look like a complete idiot.

5. Animal Hair Hats - Tokyo, Japan

The Japanese probably took a look at the European fascinators and said, "how can we make a shittier version?' That's right, incorporate animals! To their defense this is a form of art, but if this is supposed to be sexy in Japan then I'm not trying to go.

4. Yerba Teeth - Japan

Yet another weird trend from our friends in Japan is having Yerba teeth. This double-toothed look gives women the appearance of snaggle teeth which is, of course in Japan, sexy. Nothing sexier than sweet young innocence. Wait, what?

3. Ear Pointing - Phoenix, Arizona

In our own back yard you can find a bunch of freaks getting this disgusting modification. Now every Star Wars and World of Warcraft fan can have their dream come true and become the ultimate herb. I also blame Twilight for this shit.

2. Facekinis - Qingdao, Shandong Province, China

Whats sexier than a bikini? Correct. A facekini. Nothing screams fun like covering your entire face with a robbery mask and going for a dip at the local beach. I can't wait to go to China next Spring break.

1. Bagel Heads - Tokyo, Japan

Once again Japan is leading the way with the weird and wild. It is actually considered cute and attractive to have this injection in the middle of your face and have it swell up to a bagel sized bump. I have no comment. I'm done.

Top Photo Credit: Getty Images