Ladies, Your Boobs Will Thank You For This Supportive Bionic Bra

by Emily Arata

Breasts are not meant to move, and certainly not to bounce, while you're trying to stay active.

There's no pain quite like bounding down the stairs without having firmly strapped down the twins.

Finally, someone's going to do something about it.

After 15 long years of development, researchers from Australia created a bionic bra that senses boob movement and actually tightens to provide extra support.

Soon, you may be able to walk straight from a long day at the office to the treadmill without switching into a compression bra.

I call that world "Utopia."

But, the bra, which is the primarily the product of the University of Wollongong's Breast Research Australia (BRA), still needs a few adjustments to make it wearable.

The prototype isn't exactly what you'd call lingerie. Images look closer to combat armor than anything you'd wear for a sexy night out.

But, advances like 3D printing and "smart yarn" can make the bra a reality.

There's another caveat. Right now, the undergarment contains a bit too much expensive tech to go through the laundry.

Professor Julie Steele, BRA's director, says all that may soon change. She said,

Advances in materials science that enabled advanced sensing and actuating technologies with soft materials, means we are in a unique position to tackle this problem... When finished, the Bionic Bra will transform bra design.

In part, that's because the bra relies upon artificial musculature made from strands of coiled fishing line. When the bra senses motion, the strands tighten to hold breasts in place.

Although the prototype only tightens in the back, researchers hope the final product will also be able to contract through the straps and cups.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to dream of a world without back pain and subway-induced boob jiggle.

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