The 'Beyoncé Voters' Tumblr Combines Bey Lyrics And Powerful Images Of Women

In case you haven't heard of the latest Tumblr gaining traction across social media, Beyoncé Voters, your Monday is about to get all the more unproductive.

This website features memes mixing Beyoncé song lyrics with images of strong women in the news today.

Using lines like "Tennis shoes don't even need to buy a new dress" over an image of Texas state senator Wendy Davis (who became a well-known women's rights advocate when she filibustered for 11 straight hours in a pair of pink running shoes to prevent anti-abortion legislation from going through), this Tumblr is truly a gift to all politically-conscious women with a love for Yoncé (given) and a eye for equal rights (duh).

The Tumblr emerged after Fox News host Jesse Watters offended many a single lady by saying that Hillary Clinton — if she announces she's running for president — will have to target those women who "rely on the government" because they don't yet have husbands (I mean, heaven forbid women should simply be self-sufficient).

The Tumblr was created by Harvard student Sarah Coughlon, who said she took to the Internet to voice her frustrations over the Fox-advocated belief that women only vote for liberals for "trivial" reasons.

This new site is an ode to independent women, and definitely an interesting and empowering way to put off your Monday morning emails.

H/T: Salon, Photos Courtesy: Tumblr