Women Apparently Want To Get High For This One Specific Reason

In college, I was as knowledgeable about weed as I was rocket science. I wasn't concerned with the different tastes and strains as much as I was about getting high. So, I smoked every type of terrible marijuana available.

However, I became a weed snob after trying Purple Haze for the first time. Like most sativas, the hybrid strain made me feel happy and less anxious, rather than sleepy and depressed.

Just like me, an increasing number of women have become more particular about their Mary Jane. According to Leafly, calming, pain-reducing weed strains like Charlotte's Web are becoming a female fave. Women want to be free of stress and pain without any downer side effects.

Named after the medical marijuana that alleviated a young girl's severe seizures, Charlotte's Web is a sativa strain with less than 0.3 percent THC and is high in the chemical cannabidiol, or CBD.

Due to its high CBD content, Charlotte's Web acts as a painkiller and boasts anti-inflammatory properties that help treat ailments like first-day menstrual cramps. Weed strains with high levels of CBD can also help lower anxiety, which women are more likely to suffer from than men.

Not only does Charlotte's Web appeal to women because of its medicinal properties, but it also has uplifting effects. Leafly says this strain is like a mental spa, making you feel more relaxed, happy and focused.

Though women typically prefer fruity-tasting weed like Purple Haze, the euphoric effects of Charlotte's Web and similar strains (Harlequin and Cannatonic, to name two) outweigh its earthy tastes.

If you plan on ending your 4/20 on a high note after work, tell your weed supplier to keep high-CBD strains in stock.