This Stationery Porn Will Make Your Desk Look A Lot More Sexy

If I could, I'd happily blow all my money on pretty notebooks. Never mind the fact I haven't physically written anything since high school.

We all love pretty notepads and fancy pens. Not because we actually plan on using them, but because they look so damn chic on our desks.

I have about six beautiful Rifle Paper Co. notebooks on my desk at home, and I've yet to write a single word in any of them. I pretend I'm saving them for the novel I will write one day when I'm bored and living my fabulous life in the French countryside.

Until then, here are the all the pretty things worth a place on your desk. Along with your morning/noon/3 pm coffee.

These floral notebooks can make any sh*tty cubicle sexy.


Floral notebooks help you forget the last person to send you birthday flowers was your uncle. It's okay, no one's counting. Except you.

Tropical pads remind you of all the vacation days you still have.


I mean, it's not like you can actually take a vacation. You only get paid enough to look at planes, not board them.

Sass will motivate you through those Monday blues...


Any thoughts you jot down in one of these notebooks will automatically look way more legit than anything scrawled on a legal pad. I'm sure there's some science out there to back this up, but you might just have to trust me on this one.

...While these will remind you there are still four days until the weekend.


Having an “I Work For Idiots” notebook on your desk might land you in some sticky territory with your boss, but at least your office crush will think you're funny. That's way more important, right?