9 Apps Every Woman Needs To Get Her Sh*t Together In 2016

by Niki McGloster

We're all constantly on the journey of getting our sh*t together.

When we start juggling one of life's curveballs, another ball drops out of the sky to mess everything up.

Whether you miscalculated your menstrual period before a bae-cation or stood up your dinner date, tasks never quite sync up as masterfully as an iTunes playlist.

Don't wait until you're running late to finally get your life in order.

By keeping the right apps in rotation, you can put keep your 2016 goals in check.

If you have a ton of sh*t to do and don't have a personal assistant.

Download: Wunderlist

Even if you stop reading now, this organizational app is pretty much all you need in the new year.

I know, to-do lists can seem overwhelming.

However, Wunderlist helps you create shareable, smart lists for planning that last-minute work event or grocery list.

You can even jot down your homework assignments and arrange them by due date. That way, you'll never show up to class empty-handed.

If you're a coffee snob and a Keurig won't cut it.

Download: Cups

Imagine this app as your dope dealer.

Every coffee addict can purchase his or her liquid drug up front with Cups' prepaid plans.

This app allows you to drop money for a future caffeine high, as well as search your local baristas.

If you want your daily news feed specifically catered to your interests.

Download: Flipboard

Instead of scrolling through the white noise of your Twitter feed for hot topics, use this social news app. It compiles all your main interests in one place.

Unlike Facebook, you can find out the details of Nike's lawsuit against Kanye without having to read about how one of your followers got laid last night.

If you can never remember when your period comes.

Download: Clue Period Tracker

Look familiar? This is the period tracker you keep deleting to make room for more selfie storage.

Download it again to keep track of your cramps and ovulation cycle.

Best part? It'll send you a heads up when Aunt Flo is arriving.

If you're too lazy to open up another app.

Download: IFTTT

Hopping from Instagram to Twitter to Facebook to share one photo is obnoxious, to be quite honest.

Thankfully, IFTTT gives social media savvy 20-somethings the ability to snap a selfie and tweet it out at the same time.

This relatively popular app allows users to create "recipes" that connect their favorite social channels and simultaneously share across all channels.

So until all these networks find a better way to share, this is the genius social media app you needed.

If you keep running out of money before your next paycheck.

Download: Mint

Budgeting sucks, but it's a necessary process.

Mint manages your money perfectly, detailing exactly where every penny is spent.

So, while we'd like to forget about the tab we racked up while wasted, Mint makes sure that extra $100 never goes unnoticed.

Struggling with student loans? Mint helps you focus on paying Sallie Mae back, not paying for shots.

If scheduling a wax is the last thing on your to-do list.

Download: Beautified

Though DJ-socialite Hannah Bronfman can probably squeeze in a last minute appointment anywhere, she knows the rest of us aren't so hashtag blessed.

This user-friendly app allows women to scour their area for beauty appointments.

Keep this handy app handy when winter wears off and you're rushing to get a bikini wax.

If Tinder keeps f*cking up your compatibility.

Download: Align

Zodiac junkies unite!

If you're a Capricorn seeking an earthly Virgo to date, help make the stars align with this astrology-based dating app.

Plug in your birthdate, your dating age requirements and six traits about yourself. The rest is magical.

However, if you live outside of LA, NYC or San Francisco Bay Area, you'll have to stick to matching on Bumble.

If you're still tired after eight hours of sleep.

Download: Sleep Cycle

Our sleep habits suck, and it's time to get the quality snoozes we deserve.

This alarm clocks your sleep patterns and lets you know why you're nodding off in morning meetings.

Keep this app awake to better understand when it's time to work hard and sleep hard.