3 Of The Best Moments From The Ongoing Paris Fashion Week 2015

Paris Fashion Week is where couture fashion is brought to life.

The shows are bigger; the collections are more exquisite, and Anna Wintour is still front row, dark shades and all.

Paris Fashion Week began March 3, and is underway until March 12.

There are many memorable moments, thus far, everything from Kim Kardashian's shocking blonde look, to the creative street style looks and, of course, the incredible runway ensembles.

Parisian designers are quite good at timeless, well-tailored clothes in the highest quality fabrics.

The colors are mainly dark, but the exquisite fabrics, sharp details and revived silhouettes all impart positive connotations and a new lust factor to everything.

There is something about the Paris runways that makes their collections clean and sleek, while still being able to grasp and take hold of your attention, due to the creative and important details that make the designs stand out.

With so much going on inside and out of the elaborate venues, I thought it would be nice to outline some of the best moments so far.

The Collections

What is Paris Fashion Week without great shows and new collections? With great fall/winter 2015 collections from Givenchy to Chloé to Céline, Paris Fashion Week did not disappoint.

The Chloé runway show took place yesterday, International Women's Day, and it could not have happened at a better time. The collection was fierce, in your face and feminine at the same time.

Waight Keller was able to bring modern femininity to light in a carefree way, while at the same time, remaining confident.

The new Chloé collection featured long military coats, while being able to bring clean silhouettes to life in a subtle way. The Chloé girl isn't just a pretty face; she's a woman who is in charge of her life and stands for female empowerment.

Speaking of female empowerment, Kelly Rowland and Lorde were just two of the strong females in the front row of yesterday's show.

Phoebe Philo also decided to show her new Céline collection yesterday. Her latest was flirty, as it was filled with delicate trims of feather and fur.

The collection explored new territory as it went into graphic prints; however, the details of the hand-drawings are elaborate and based on pictures from children's book Philo used to read.

With a bold decision to use fox fur in her collection, Philo is sending the message to women to simply go for what they want and be daring.

Riccardo Tisci knows how to command serious attention. At his latest Givenchy show, he brought out some serious fashion lovers, like Katy Perry, Amanda Seyfried and, of course, Mr. and Mrs. Kanye West (sans North).

While many of the looks from his fall/winter 2015 collection seemed like previous touches and finishes from his past collections, it didn't stop the crowd from enjoying the Victorian-like models strut down the runway.

While Tisci decided to play on things that have worked in the past, such as peplum jackets, the delicate stitching of a Catholic cross he was able to pair on the back of a dress, and cinched trousers.

On paper, those details may seem overdone, but Givenchy didn't disappoint.

While paying homage to the past, Givenchy was able to move into the future with an enhanced and flawless take on the dark side that many of his loyal fans love and appreciate.

Surprisingly Friendly Kanye

If you don't know by now, Kanye West is determined to make his mark in the fashion industry. After years of trying to get his foot in the door, he has finally been able to take part in the glamorous world.

Kanye has admitted in past interviews that designers didn't want him at their shows because he didn't represent their type of customer. A few years later, Kanye is hitting every exclusive fashion show from New York to London, to Milan and Paris.

As Paris Fashion Week continues, so does all the madness that surrounds Kanye West and his platinum-blonde-bombshell wife, Kim Kardashian. Kanye has been spotted laughing, embracing the paparazzi and even smiling for photographers.

Maybe it's something in the Paris air that has changed Kanye, or maybe it is the dramatic runway shows that have him giddy inside, but he couldn't contain his excitement when he ran into Sir Paul McCartney at the Stella McCartney show this morning.

Street Style

This is where the real style begins. There is something very interesting about street style. It's a way for for fashion lovers to put on their most eccentric ensemble, but still embody individuality.

For a full look at some of the best street style, Tommy Ton of Style.com was able to capture some great styles. Check out the slideshow here.

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