13 Reasons Why Being A B*tch Is Actually Really Good For Your Health

by Gigi Engle

Being a bitch is a powerful thing.

No one wants to mess with a bitch.

Unfortunately, bitches get a bad rep because other people are threatened by their forthright, aggressive personalities.

Since it’s undesirable to be considered a bitch, those of us who wear the label proudly are the strongest of the bunch.

We refuse to feel badly for people who can’t handle us. We’re confident and vibrant and strong.

We’re not afraid to speak our minds and, therefore, we get sh*t done. We don’t have time for weak, indecisive people who drag their feet in the mud.

A bitch is a boss. It’s good for your health to embrace your bitch status because you revel in your strength, you take care of yourself, and you never waste your time on stupid stuff that doesn’t matter.

People may hate on you, but you’re the queen, and you know it. Haters will hate.

1. You don’t hold court with toxic people.

You don’t waste your time in the company of terrible people who make you feel like sh*t. You recognize toxic people for what they are, a drain on your self-esteem and resources.

You won’t allow yourself to be influenced by individuals who bring no value to your life. You simply do not have the time and have no problem cutting people off if they can’t hang.

2. Science says swearing is good for you.

If there is one thing a bitch likes to do, it’s f*cking swear. It’s therapeutic. Research has shown people who curse are less stressed, confident and just plain hotter than other people.

Not to mention every bitch knows the most important thing in any given situation is to get her point across. With the help of your swear-word-peppered speech, your message will come across loud and clear.

3. You don’t get caught up in your emotions.

You conduct yourself with force and never get overwhelmed by your feelings. You’re just not a particularly emotional person.

People may misunderstand you and think you’re cold, but really you just prefer to focus on the logical facets of the situations you face.

Nothing of use can get finished if you’re constantly a weepy puddle of tears.

4. Your friends are the realest people ever.

People worry themselves into a frenzy over their FOMO. Not you! You have no FOMO because you’re at the center of every party.

You’re a bitch and the queen of your friend group. You have a very close circle as there are few people who can handle your real, pointed and sometimes harsh opinions.

Only the strongest of the strong can f*ck with you.

5. You never bottle up your emotions.

Letting your emotions be known is a total stress reliever. Those who bottle up their emotions are doing serious harm to their health.

It knocks years off your life and even increases your chances of getting cancer by 70 percent!

As a bitch, you always speak your mind and are never one to be timid about your feelings. You’re empowered rather than stricken with fear of societal judgment.

6. Your bitchiness leads to self-criticism.

You are your biggest critic. Your opinion is the only one that matters to you, so it should be no surprise that you spend a lot of time on self-reflection.

You go to the gym often and take good care of your health. You are your number one priority.

You don’t want anyone to have a reason to call you out for being a bitch when you have no right to be. You’re a hot bitch, and you know it.

7. You enrich your mind.

Your vocabulary is chock-full of wild idioms. Since you spend a lot of time insulting people, your words have to be your most powerful weapon.

There’s a big difference between a bitch and a smart bitch. You have a perfectly groomed collection of vicious words that can bring any adversary to her knees.

8. You’re always the authority on everything.

Your friends look to you for everything because you always have an opinion. You don’t sugar coat and will give the hard truth when it’s needed.

You’re decisive AF and know exactly what you do and do not like. You’re direct and, therefore, never get hung up on decision-making.

9. You’re always completely yourself.

You don’t spend valuable energy trying to be someone you’re not to please other people. You’re always completely yourself, and you love yourself.

Some people might take offense to your forthright manner, but those types of people can seriously suck it. You’re comfortable in your own skin, and that’s a beautiful thing.

10. You won’t age.

Bitchy resting face (BRF) means no wrinkles. Since your face is in a constant state of c*nty relaxation, your skin will never experience the wear and tear of time.

While people may fault you for constantly staring them down, you know you’re both expressing yourself and cheating the aging process, so joke’s on them.

11. You build stronger relationships.

A true friend is one who cannot only put up with your bitchiness but loves you for it. A friend who loves you for you is the only kind of friend you can have.

You’re willing to go to bat for any of your girls, and they value you highly as an ally. A bitch’s relationships are as solid as steel because she won’t stand for anything less.

12. Assertiveness is a healthy trait.

Being assertive means your communication skills are on fleek. Assertiveness is directly related to stress relief.

A bitch is never one to sit idly by. You are a person who gets sh*t done. You don’t do passive aggression; you work out your conflicts swiftly and effectively as soon as they occur.

13. You take time for yourself.

You relish in your “me” time because you are your favorite person. You love a good spa day, you can’t get enough of facemasks, and your biggest investment is in full-body massages.

You don’t get caught up in other people’s sh*t because you’re too busy taking care of number one.